What’s In My Purse? | Kate Spade Crossbody Bag

So a quick story before I really get into the thick of this post: while I was on vacation, I realized that I don’t need as much clothing as I think I do. On the way to Europe, one of our pieces of luggage didn’t make it to our first destination, so my mom and I had to live off of a few pieces of clothing for 2 days. Our luggage arrived safely and it was totally fine, but I realized even within what I had packed for the trip, I just had too much stuff. And what I took on our trip was what I consider my core pieces in my wardrobe. For 10 days abroad, I didn’t end up using a quarter of what I had brought. So, I figured, if I could live out of a suitcase for 10 days with what I had brought, with enough clothes for even 3 or 4 more days, then I really didn’t need the pieces I had at home. Thus, I decided, while I was away, that I needed to declutter some clothes, and start capsule wardrobing.

This particular purse is one of the pieces I’m highlighting in my capsule wardrobe because it’s an incredibly useful, surprisingly roomy, but still compact and chic piece. My mom gave this to me for my birthday this year, a little bit early actually, so that I could take it on our trip.

The purse is the Mindy bag from Kate Spade – from online research, it looks like it came in a handful of different colors. I really do love a black purse/accessory though. My mom did well ❤

It’s a black leather cross body with gold hardware. The strap is adjustable to hang (on me) from waist to slightly below my hips. I like the length it came with though so I haven’t adjusted it. Inside there’s a small pocket. The bag itself is fairly flexible, but sturdy enough to keep it’s shape when it’s not packed full.

The simple design makes this purse versatile for pretty much any occasion – it’s easily worn as a casual piece, but can be paired with a slightly dressier outfit because of it’s neutral look. It also can fit A LOT of of things so it can be useful in pretty much any situation. While abroad I could fit my Instax camera, as well as my phone, wallet, 2 extra batteries, iPhone cord and had room to spare. In the photo, the purse is about half full with all of the things that are inside the purse.

Speaking of which, at the time I took this photo, I had my phone, keys, wallet, small Jo Malone Orange Blossom perfume (I was house sitting, and had grabbed it on my way out the door, and then forgot to put it into my toiletries when I got to the house I was taking care of), mini sunscreen, a few paintbrushes, a few pens, two different packs of breath mints, my card holder (although this purse would fit a full sized wallet, with room to spare), my phone,  and two lip balms.

The other small cross body bags I used to use were the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Macs – they’re much more compact than the Kate Spade Mindy, and would be full if I put all of those things inside.

I quite love the way this purse functions and the way it styles. It also serves as a “memory” piece for me – it was a birthday present but also something I took on my trip, and I’ll always associate it with my time abroad.

I definitely recommend a purse like this – they’re quite fashionable at the moment (cross body, box shaped purses) and are again, easily styled into many occasions.

Do any of you have a favorite style of purse? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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