vacation recap | paris – edinburgh – london 2017

Hi guys! I’m officially back from vacation, and back to blogging, vlogging, teaching, painting my nails… all the usual stuff 🙂

I thought I’d start back up the blog with my vacation recap and footage. Just as a refresher, I went to Paris, Edinburgh, and London. It was an incredible trip – I’m having so much Paul bakery-fish & chips-English chocolate-Scotland withdrawal, it’s not even funny. I watch BBC News now because I became so used to watching it while I was in Europe. I tried recreating my favorite sandwich from Paul (Jambon Beurre) but it has so far been unsuccessful. I literally spent a week figuring out the best way to move to Scotland. It’s my favorite. I’m already planning on going back next spring.

Here are a few videos I put together, as mostly a keepsake for myself, but also in case anybody was interested. I have footage from my trip in a montage styled vlog, and then a recap where I talk over everything that happened. I hope you enjoy the videos 🙂

I also posted some photos here as well from my trip. The older I become, the more I really treasure photos and memories rather than physical things as souvenirs. They really are my favorite things to bring home now.

Anyways, I hope you’ve all been well, and enjoy! I’ll have my regular content back up soon.


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