Planner Flip Through | Erin Condren Life Planner

Since I did a post on my travel diary, I thought I’d feature my “big” planner so you guys can see how I normally plan every week. I’m totally one to be curious about other people’s planners so maybe this will be interesting to somebody out there? 😂

I use an Erin Condren Life Planner in the vertical, neutral format. I really like the blank slate the neutral format gives (without the extra color on every page), especially because I cover the pages with stickers every week anyways. I prefer the vertical format to horizontal because I just find it gives a bit more space for functionality alongside the deco I put in every week. I actually used a horizontally formatted Lilly Pulizter Jumbo Agenda in college and it worked great for writing assignments in, but I just felt like I didn’t have quite enough as much space as I would have liked.

I filmed a planner update back in March that featured some spreads from February and March. I occasionally film Plan With Me type videos and planner updates on my YouTube Channel so if you’re interested, subscribe there to be kept up to date with how my planner is faring. I also post any and all of my Etsy shop updates there.

Since I haven’t posted a video flip-through in a while I’ve photographed some of my favorite spreads over the last few months, and I thought I could give you some details about them, and my favorite shops.

“Sleepy” kit from Glam Planner

The “Sleepy” kit from Glam Planner was one that I didn’t initially think I wanted but ended up purchasing after it came back for a “glitch” sale.

Elle (who originally was a beauty girl on YouTube) and I have a very similar sense of style when it comes to color schemes and themes, both in beauty and in planning, so this one definitely grew on me as she kept talking about it in her Facebook page and in her kit videos. She generally does pre-sales for her kits which sell about six to eight weeks before they’re shipped, and are the safer way to purchase her kits because they’re generally in an unlimited stock. I didn’t purchase this when it went up for pre-sale but when she brought all of her glitches of these to her shop I quickly picked one up because it’s really just so cute!

I love the way the animals look and the way the pattern isn’t too cluttered the page because of it’s pastel color scheme. It was a really pretty, neutral palate cleanser between some brighter weeks I had in my planner.

The way I placed the stickers was also a little bit different that week. For a while I was going through a phase of not formatting each day exactly the same, but actually placing stickers down in a pseudo-chronological way, and having a little bit of white space mixed in to keep things from looking cluttered. I do like the way that functions, but sometimes I just need more space to write in lists, versus write in events.

The glitch kits I have to say are really great quality – they barely have anything wrong with them, maybe a few cuts are slightly off center for the most part. So whenever Elle posts glitch sales, I really recommend trying to shop the sale because they’re usually discounted and the quality is incredible.

“April Monthly Kit” by TeaRosePaperCo.

This kit was actually my own kit for my April monthly overview. I loved the way the watercolor looked and I added in some sparkles and florals because well… I like sparkles and florals. Although I wasn’t crazy about the font (this was actually just a prototype to see how the colors looked when printed) but I thought it was functionally really easy to use.

I mix in different lengths of washi strips that are easy to write on, and actually now I include thinner washi as well to just block out dates and scheduling without necessarily having to write on it.

franken-styled week using left over pieces from lots of different kits and sets

This franken-spread was one of my favorites I had ever done because it’s just… so rainbow. I’ve done a lot of franken-spreads in the past and I almost always organize the spreads in columns, and by color.

You can see in this week that I sorted the colors in rainbow order, and had each day as it’s own color. I was able to find stickers from past hauls and kits that were left over, and complete a spread easily. I found that this is the best way to sort of thin out your collection of stickers and use everything you have/not waste your money. The washi I actually made on my own (I use the Silhouette program, but it’s easy to do on Adobe InDesign, and I’ve read that people also make stickers in Excel as well), printed and hand cut. The washi in between each color is a foiled gold washi tape I picked up from Target.

Like so many people, when I started collecting stickers, I bought a lot of functional pieces, rather than full kits. Because of that I have a lot of pieces that I don’t use unless I do the random franken-spread. I also end up with a lot of left over, extra stickers from full kits. So whenever I feel like I have too may bits and bobs that are taking up space in my organization, then I make a franken-spread.

I also find that I like doing franken-spreads during transitional times between seasons, or if I just am not in the mood for any of my other kits I already own. They’re a fun and creative outlet, even more so than just using a plain kit for a week.

“Sunday Bunday” kit by GlamPlanner

The second week of April was my Spring Break week and I treated my mom to a Spa getaway for her birthday. The “Sunday Bunday” kit was perfect because of the relaxed vibe of it.

The one thing about this kit, and a lot of the popular patterns that shops use, is that I feel like the pattern itself is a little cluttered? I feel like it’s just a lot of stuff on a page, before you write on it and decorate it so it just gets to look too overwhelming on a page sometimes. This is one of those kits. It was sort of fine because again, I was on Spring Break so I had less things to do, and to write in, and I could decorate the week without it being annoying or distracting. I did end up liking the way it looked, and how it coincided with what I was doing that week, just sometimes I think “I need less stuff on the page” with super decorated patterns like this kit had.

This week was also the first week I used my Pipsticks stickers. Pipsticks is a monthly sticker subscription and I’m so in love with it. It’s all deco stickers (so not a planner sticker monthly subscription) and I like that I’m able to add in those stickers to my weekly kit because it adds a little bit more personality to the page. I like the difference in look and texture that the Pipsticks stickers have. To be clear, Pipsticks sources stickers from other places and companies, and puts together an envelope of 15 sticker “sheets” (sheets can range from one big sticker, to a sheet of 20 small stickers, to a sheet of 50 small stickers, depending on the brand and type). I made a video review of it, which you can watch here:

“Candy Crush” kit by GlamPlanner

This kit was apparently supposed to be for Easter, but I missed that memo, and I was on Spring Break before Easter, so I used it for the week after and loved the way it looked.

The pattern, although very decorative, isn’t as busy as “Sunday Bunday” was so it was easier to see. I also think because they were more on the pastel side, than contrasting side, it made for an easier to visually digest spread.

This pattern is an example though of how I don’t think a “fashion girl” is necessary in every pattern. Double boxes are also tough to fit in, for me, and you can see that I covered a lot of the double box, and a lot of the fashion girl. As a decorative or collector piece, it’s beautiful, but functionally speaking I haven’t quite figured out a way to fit them in without being heavily covered. If the double box wasn’t taller than a regular sized box in the Erin Condren Vertical, then it’d be easier to use, I think.

I promise – it may seem like I’m complaining a lot about the patterns, but I really do love them!

“Sweet Butterfly Kisses” kit by TeaRosePaperCo.

I wanted something palate cleansing after the last two brighter weeks, so I picked my own kit, “Sweet Butterfly Kisses” for the week of my Mom’s birthday, and the week I started house sitting. The pastel colors I this make me very happy. And you guys know, I love florals, I love sparkles.

Also since I made these kits, I know they’ll functionally work perfectly for me. It was a pretty heavy to-do week so I knew this kit would work well for me this week.

Organizationally this was a pretty standard week for me, although I didn’t any “little things” at the bottom. It felt a little empty so I went back to that in later weeks.



“May Monthly” kit by TeaRosePaperCo.

I didn’t really have a theme for the May kit so I just focused on bright colors and came up with a random pattern with *surprise* flowers added in.

I chose to highlight this month in this post though because I started using my Polaroid Zip in May. I printed out a picture from Kate’s birthday and put it in my Monthly Overview at the end of the month to just add a little bit of a scrapbooking feel to the spread.

Polaroid Zip photo
“Poolside” kit by ScribblePrintsCo

This was my favorite kit of the month of May. May was when I got back into ScribblePrintsCo. For the longest time I pretty much exclusively bought GlamPlanner kits, because I just felt comfortable purchasing from her since I knew I could depend on her kits. For whatever reason that meant I didn’t want to purchase from very many other shops since I didn’t need any other formats in kits.

I had purchased a ton of SPC kits in the past and loved them so I don’t know why I stopped purchasing. They use the same patterns a lot too so I just figured I’d purchase from Elle.

I then stumbled across one of her new release videos on YouTube and then was just shocked that I didn’t purchase any of her kits recently because it was the functional planner’s dream! For the same price as a GlamPlanner kit, I felt like you received more stickers, and there were more functional pieces. I also was very inspired by Andrea’s planning style and the way she laid out her spreads so I’ve been purchasing much more SPC recently.

“June Monthly Kit – Rainbow Glitter” by TeaRosePaperCo.

This was a very quickly made kit for June, where I the realized that I think I want to do all my monthly kits for my shop this way. They’re quick and easy to make because it’s just making ombre glitter, and there’s really no decorative elements involved. I’m hoping to just make these for every month from now on. We’ll see 🙂

I do love how this turned out though. It was no fuss, and easy to plan out. I was able to add in decorative elements with the Once More With Love Wacky Holiday stickers. I liked seeing these all together in a monthly spread. I’m currently using them as deco in my weekly spreads but may switch back to a monthly overview for September.

“Beach Club” kit by FireflyPaperShop

For the first week of June, I used the “Beach Club” kit by FireflyPaperShop. Another Beauty Girl turned Sticker Maker, Allison has a lot of really beautiful, functional, and minimal kits. Although she uses pretty full on patterns, the way she formats her kits are simple and to the point. She does use a ton of fancy fonts, and even the way she sizes the patterns within her stickers really represents her aesthetic, most of the time.

I love the way she used this pattern in her kit (Elle and Andrea both made kits with this as well), so that although it’s a full on pattern, it doesn’t look cluttered on the page. I still ran into the “how do I use the double box” problem, but I managed to place it in pretty nicely this week.

This week I also placed some Polaroid Zip photos to celebrate my dad – he died on 5/31/11 so instead of decorating that day, I wanted to add in pictures. I placed an extra checklist on Tuesday so that I didn’t lose any functionality during the week.

“Life Is The Bubbles” kit by TeaRosePaperCo.

This week in June was the first week of camp at work, and the them was Underwater Adventures, so I matched my planner the theme. Because I’m lame like that 😂

This kit was one of my original patterns I made for my shop, originally a Printable. I’ve been meaning to make all of my printables in to physical kits and update them though, so I started with “Life Is The Bubbles” and loved the way it turned out. It’s bright, summery, rainbow, glittery, all while working great for me in a functional manner.

Not to toot my own horn, but because the patterns themselves aren’t too over the top, the extra deco I added in then didn’t seem too cluttered on the page. I’m trying to make my kits’ artwork on the more simple side, so that those who prefer a more visually minimal spread (but still want no-white-space) can still use my kits, and those who love to decorate can decorate to their hearts content without any stickers getting lost on the page.

I know I’ve sort of glossed over “deco” in this post so I thought I’d go into it in a little more detail before I wrap up this post. The picture above represents pretty much all of my favorite shops and types of deco I use every week.

There’s deco that comes with the kit, and then I add in little figures and kawaii stickers to help round out the day and add another scrapbook like touch to a spread. GlamPlanner’s Teeny Stickers, Once More With Love’s Munchkins, and my Little Bows are the figures I use to represent events or feelings. ThumbprintsCo and SweetKawaiiDesign have more chore/hobby/errand type stickers that help me fill in what I did in the day. I’ll stick those in some white space on the page, or next to my to-do lists or event boxes.

As a child I collected stickers so I also use those with my Pipsticks stickers to add in more texture and visual excitement to a kit. I have so many stickers from when I was little that I can now happily use as an adult. People made fun of me for having sticker books, but look! They totally still make me happy and I use them every week.

One final thing before I wrap it up (since this post is majorly long) I store all my stickers in binders and photo albums. The pineapple binder is a mini binder from Target, with sleeves what I inserted. Those hold all of my planner stickers. I have abut 5 of them – one binder for weekly kits, one binder for deco, and then 3 binders that are organized by color and function for all the extra bits I have.

The mini photo album houses all of my figure stickers – the GlamPlanner Teenys, OMWL Munchkins, and my Little Bows.

The little blue binder holds my sticker books from when I was little. As of right now I’m storing all of my Pipsticks in the envelopes they come mailed in. They’re nice, semi-transparent velum envelopes so they work great for storage. Plus I vaguely know what came every month so I can go straight to the envelope they came in to find them.

This post is now ridiculously long so I’ll end it here 🙂 If you’re a planner and sticker fiend like I am, I hope you found this post helpful or interesting – and if you have any tips I’d love to know in the comments!


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