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So I’ve been going on and on about going on vacation but like guys… I’m so excited about going on vacation. I love to pack. I love to explore. Going on an overseas adventure is like the actual dream.

At the beginning of summer Old Navy was having a great sale so I took advantage of it and bought some staples in my wardrobe to update my closet a little bit. I also decided to pick up things that I knew would be pieces that would work well for my trip, as well as beyond that and into fall.

Fall where I live isn’t the typical “cold weather, boots, and jackets” weather – I live in Northern California so there’s definitely a “California” twist in the way I choose my clothes. Everything is strategically layered to work well in warm and cool weather: it can be foggy in the morning and almost drizzling, in the afternoon it can be 80˚, and then 6:30pm hits and the wind comes out of nowhere. And that’s like a typical day in the summer. The summer! Same with winter: it can be sunny but frosty in the morning, then almost raining in the afternoon, to clear up and be almost balmy and warm before the singes down. So because of that, a lot of things I shop for can work with tights, and a heavier sweater, as well as with a summer shoe and a light cardigan.

The first few things I picked up were some new fit and flare dresses from Old Navy. They’re a flattering cut on me and come in so many different patterns that really, everybody will find something they liked. As somebody that’s considered “chesty” at best/nicest (I have huge boobs), the Old Navy dresses fit me pretty nicely on my chest and then flare out so it doesn’t seem too oversized like other styled dresses can look when I fit them to my chest. I bought a black dress with small flowers, a mustard yellow one with flowers, and a Burgundy red with a little flourish-y diamond pattern.

I’m also not a pants girl. At all. I only own three pairs of pants, which include two pairs of jeggings and one pair of denim shorts. And the two jeggings? I bought them because I worked in summer camp this summer and functionally couldn’t wear a skirt or dress everyday. Working regular pre-school is totally doable in skirts and dresses. There was just so much more action in camp that and I had a required t-shirt uniform so, I had to buy some pants.

To go with the jeggings I bought some loose camisole styled tank tops on Amazon as well as some basic staple t-shirts from Old Navy. The loose tanks have been my savior this summer – they’re flattering on me (cover my boobs but not in a tent-y way, in a subtle-y form fittingly draped way…if that makes sense lol), don’t stick to my sides, and look nice with both the jeggings and denim shorts.

There were some cardigans for sale as well so I picked up some really nice lighter cardigans, that are a little longer in cut so they cover my (nonexistent) butt so if I bend or squat everything is covered in the back 🙂 The fabric is so soft and breathable so they’re really great to travel with since they pack really well.

Since I did pick up a few of these pieces for my trip, I thought I’d show you how I was going to pair them all up on vacation. I’m going to Paris, London, and Edinburgh, so I know the weather can range from rain, to hot and humid, sort of like the weather where I live, so again, the clothes I bought are easily translatable into my real life.

As you can tell, I love that neutral color palette (lots of creams, navys, blacks, and my “pops” of color are red and the mustard yellow), so really everything I’ve bought goes with everything else. If I ever decide to put any other color into my outfits, it’s usually with a scarf. I find scarves to be the best added accessory since they function both as a way to stay cozy, and as a way to either dress up or brighten an outfit.

The shoes I’m bringing are super comfortable and easy to walk in. I’ve been a Keds wearer since high school, and love the simple, classic style. I actually find a Keds-like pair at H&M for about $10 (rather than $50, which is standard for Keds) and was thrilled with the purchase! They’re cute, and navy, with flowers. Totally my type of pattern. They’re just as comfortable as Keds, and have worn in very nicely.

My other pair of shoes are a pair of platinum Sperrys to replace the previous pair of platinum Sperrys that I had just worn to death at the beginning of summer. I had to track them down on eBay since Sperry doesn’t make them anymore but it’s well worth it because they last for a few years, and are really the most comfortable shoe once they’re worn in.

To ease in the process of wearing in both pairs of shoes, I bought some Gekks, which I saw as an add on Instagram. They’re a shoe liner that basically velcro’s in (it’s not technically velcro, but works just like it), and are meant to stay in your shoe basically forever. They’re advertised to be an alternative for people who don’t like socks (me) and also claim to rarely smell because they’re woven with anti-bacterial silver thread. You’re supposed to wash them every three months and then re-insert them back into your shoe. I’ve definitely found that they don’t stay fresh – I’ve washed them twice already since I’ve started using them in June. All feet smell, let’s be honest, and these liners don’t stave off smell any better than any other liner. But, I will say that they’re great to help keep blisters from forming, and they at least keep your toes from rubbing on the inside of your shoe. For those two reasons, I’ve found them really convenient, and they don’t budge or slip or slide since they’re pretty securely velcro’d in. Just an FYI, the shipping took over a month (I ordered them in the first week April, received them at the end May). Customer service was only ok – they didn’t seem at all like they wanted to help me with my question of “why it’s taken so long to ship.” They don’t post any sort of shipping timeline on their site either so I had no way of knowing if and when I’d be expecting my purchase.

Anyways, I thought I’d show you what my basic plan for clothes would be for my trip 🙂 I’m not all that into style blogging so this was new to me – and since I’m not the most exciting person when it comes to fashion, I’m sure it wasn’t all that interesting lol. But I always find it interesting to see what other people consider basics, so I hope somebody out there found this at least a little bit interesting 🙂

Do any of you have any specific things you like to travel with? Or have any new clothing items or trends you love?

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