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Since I’m going on vacation in about 3 weeks, I realized that I better get a move on with all of my travel posts. I’m planning on having a few organization posts, a post about the clothes I’m planning on bringing, and I’ve already posted about my Travel Diary, which you can read about here. There will also be a post about the makeup I’m going to bring, on my Beauty Blog –

Today’s post is all about organizing my electronics. For the last three years, my mom and I have been road tripping to all of our destinations, so I’ve been able to sort of bring whatever I wanted, in a bag, and know that I’d have everything. I wouldn’t have to worry about space or weight, since everything would be in the car, and then just brought to the hotel room. During the day I could pretty freely pick and choose what I wanted to take with me, whether it was extra batteries, extra lenses for my camera, or extra cords and such.

This year’s trip is a whole new challenge because not only are we flying, we’re internationally flying. It’s something we haven’t done since 2003, and we’re both equally excited, and a little frazzled considering all the things we have to keep in mind while packing.

In addition to wanting to make sure I have everything I need, I have to remember that bulky, heavy, cumbersome things will just be more hassle than it’s worth while packing a suitcase. Originally my options were to pack a camera bag, and then small pouches of charging cords for my other electronics. I didn’t feel completely in control of that plan, and it felt just too cluttered, so I decided to research travel bags for electronics. I thought at first that maybe I could try and find a larger camera bag, and then decided against it because I need it to fit more than just one large item, and rather a handful of small to medium sized items.

The case I found is the Bubm Large Gadget Organizer Case. Amazon has a fairly extensive list of electronics travel bags – this was just the first that I found. It had decent reviews, and for $21.99 I figured this was a pretty good deal. If I didn’t like it, Amazon has a great return policy, and it isn’t too expensive so I wouldn’t feel bad at all about just eating the purchase. I purchased it in the pink color, it also comes in five other colors in varying finishes.

Through the pictures I could tell it had a lot of compartments – I liked the varying zippered and elastic compartments, and I also liked that it came with two layers, with the lower being velcro adjustable for whatever you’re bringing. There’s also a tablet slot. Since I wanted to take my Instax and my Polaroid Zip, I thought those adjustable areas would be perfect spots for those.

Once it arrived, I was correct in thinking this would be a good bag for that, because both items fit really nicely into the spots I made for them.

In the top compartment, when you open the bag, there’s a small zippered pocket, and three elastic spaces for cords. I’ve put my DSLR batteries, and then 2 extra memory cards in the zippered pocket so they’re not loose in the bag. Those are pieces that I was particularly wanting to make sure didn’t get lost in the shuffle of my camera bag – although camera bags also come with many compartments, I like the mesh of the Bubm pocket so I can see everything. With camera bags, I also feel everything is too jumbled, since I tended to put more than just camera equipment in mine.

On the open side of the middle flat there is the same set up, just flipped so things can seamlessly fit together when the bag is zipped. I’ve put my Amazon Kindle charger, and two iPhone chargers in those elastic slots. In the second zippered pocket, I’ve put in my Polaroid Zip film.

Once the flap is folded over, there’s the tablet slot, with a flap that closes over with velcro, and two large elastic pouches.

The tablet pouch perfectly fits my Kindle, but has a little bit more space to fit an iPad mini. In the elastic mesh pockets I’ve put in a Polaroid Zip charging cord.

In the bottom compartment, you can see how I’ve allocated the space using the velcro dividers that come with the case. The case comes with two long and one short divider. I’ve put in my Instax, batteries, and charging stations for USB and my DSLR batteries. There’s also my international plug convertor.

Because the case is fairly soft, I’m not afraid of the Instax lens being damaged while inside the case, and while it’s fully zipped over. The inside flap is flexible, while the furthest outer sides are sturdy enough so it keeps its shape and doesn’t wobble around.

The outer zipper is nice and thick so it is fully capable of holding a case that’s packed to it’s capacity. That’s also a detail that I liked because I felt like I wouldn’t have an issue with the zipper snagging or splitting.

Overall, I really like the case. Although it does seem like a bulky piece, and it does seem heavy (when it’s fully packed it’s probably the heaviest piece that I’ll be packing into my bag) it holds everything electronic I would need outside of my DSLR and iPhone. Those will be packed into my carry-on. I think this will probably be put into my checked bag (we’re checking one small suitcase; I will have a carry-on; my mom will have a small carry-on sized suitcase, and her purse as a carry-on) along with our clothes. I also really like that it holds everything: I don’t have to worry about various pouches to hold random cords, memory cards being loose in various purse pockets, and film being in different spots. I’m already using it around my house as a central location for all of my electronic things.

I will be doing a more in-depth post on my Carry-On bag, but just as a brief overview – my Carry-On will have my liquids bag, my dry makeup bag, my camera, a book, my phone, and my wallet. My mom’s carry-on will have her essential toiletries, one change of clothes for each of us in case our checked baggage gets lost, one charging cord and international converter (which comes with a USB port) and her purse will have her phone and wallet. Our checked bag will basically just have this case, and then our clothes for the rest of the trip, and one other liquids bag that will have shampoo, and extra toothpaste. Realistically, I know I’m not going to use my Instax until I’m site-seeing because that’s what I’d prefer with that style of photography, and with the just single USB charger we can at least have access to charging our phones.

I do highly recommend this bag, as of right now, and I’ll do probably an overall evaluation of my trip after I come back, and what worked/what didn’t.

I hope this post was helpful to any of you looking for an electronics bag for travel, or just a way to organize your things at home.

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