space week: moon and stars | preschool crafts

Hello everyone! I’m back with another preschool craft post today 🙂

Something about glitter on little kid’s art makes me so happy. I pretty much put glitter on everything now. Because I mean… it’s so pretty! Plus the kids have a fun time playing with it and shaking it on. So really, it’s a fun experience for everybody.

I wanted to introduce the idea of space and planets to the 2 year old class I was teaching – have it be more of a tangible thing rather than have it be an abstract concept to them. It’s always fun watching the kids’ eyes go all big when you explain the planets to them and the possibilities of how far space go. It freaks me out (the concept of space) but kids love it.

The first thing I did for my space themed week was figure out a craft – glitter was absolutely in. And since it was my 2 year old class, I had to figure out something that was quick for them to do as well. I ended up cutting out moons out of aluminum foil, and pasting it to a half sheet of black construction paper.

At school we have glitter paint that’s translucent so I thought it’d create a cool texture on top of the paper, and aluminum foil. I wanted them to be able to do a little bit more so I added in some white crayon. I let them sort of free-for-all color all over the page with white crayon, and then had them paint on top of the page with the glitter paint. The blue glitter paint, although not visible over the black paper, ended up looking the best over the aluminum foil. The overall effect was an inky and glittery finish.

As a final touch, we sprinkled some gold and sliver glitter on top to mimic stars. From afar, it looks like a twinkly sky 🙂 It also gives off a homemade feel because each child colored with the white crayon in their own style, making each piece unique to whomever colored and painted it.

For story time, I found a board book all about the solar system. I’ve come to really like the Hello, World series of books. They’re all academic books, but the pictures are bright and the writing is concise. The kids really loved all the pictures of the planets and facts in the book, and we were able to have a nice “discussion” (as academic a discussion a class of 2 year olds gets lol!) about space and the planets.

To finish off the day we had a nice circle time of songs, headlined by “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” because of course! They all knew the song, and then with added finger play, it was a great way to have everybody participating at the end of the day.

I recently had another space themed day at the preschool summer camp I’m working at so I’ll have another space themed post up soon 🙂 Are there any other space themed crafts you guys do? I’d love to know in the comments down below!

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