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I wish I was more into style, but I’m not that girl. I’m not a super style maven blogger. I totally care and try, but I’m definitely not in that genre of people that live for the season to season changeover and do style capsules. Those blogs are totally some of my favorite to read though.

Anyways, along with not being a super style maven, I’m also not super into accessories. I don’t change my earrings everyday (in fact I probably haven’t worn earrings in 2-3 weeks at this point). I have 1 ring I wear everyday. I used to wear 2 but I took them off for a while and I didn’t put both back on. I have 1 necklace I wear everyday – I’ll switch out my necklaces once in a while. And then back in like 2011/2012, when everybody was going Michael Kors watch crazy, I wished I could’ve been one of those girls but at the end of the day, I just wasn’t. I even tried to get a similarly styled watch from Macy’s for a fraction of the price, to see if I could handle it and I couldn’t.

Watches in general are hard for me – I don’t like to have tight things on my wrists. I don’t like the way it feels, and I don’t like the way it looks. I actually don’t really like the way tight watches look on anybody. It’s one of those strange, arbitrary things. So with that, I’m also not ever going to be an Apple Watch person, a chunky watch person, a wristband person, a friendship bracelet person; anything tight on the wrist? Not going to happen on me.

However, from a functional standpoint, I felt like I was in a place where I needed a watch. Thus, a dilemma formed. How do I get a watch without hating everything about it?

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but one night I ended up searching on Etsy for homemade watches, and searched “bracelet watch” assuming nothing would come up. Honestly, I was shopping for stickers anyways, so it really wasn’t something that I was thinking would end with a positive result.

Then! Something did come up! I found the store Leaning Tree Designs and they had an entire section of bracelet watches! I was so thrilled that I ended up adding like 5 different watches into my cart. Finally! A solution!

After arguing with myself for about 3 months over purchasing a watch, I finally purchased a watch. It wasn’t that I wasn’t in love with the products she had to purchase, it was just that I didn’t know whether or not I could commit to wearing a watch everyday, even though it was a bracelet styled watch.

I ended up choosing the Abalone shell watch. There were a handful of different watch faces as well as materials to choose from – some were square faced watches, while other had mother of pearl beads, or spherical beads, or natural stone type beads. I just liked the combination of the watch face (I preferred the ovular shape over the square shape) with the flat abalone shells. I also liked the added beads in between, that add a little more femininity and texture to the look of the bracelet, without adding too much bulk.

There’s a chain at the end of the bracelet so you can adjust how dangly the watch ends up being on the wrist – I keep it fairly dangly again to keep from feeling too restrictive.

Currently I’ve been wearing it daily since I received it (processing time was about 2 business days, from ordering to shipping, and I received it about 2 days after that) and have been pretty in love with it since having it. I really do love the way it looks, and feels.

The watch has quite a bit of weight to it – it’s sturdy but not too chunky. It is water resistant as well, which is a major plus for me since I work preschool. It’s made of quality metals so I haven’t had any wear on it in the slightest.

I also want to mention that the detail that went into my order was fantastic – the watch came nicely wrapped in a gift box, and was already set to my timezone. I checked to see where it was shipped from, and sure enough, the watch was purposefully set to match where I lived. Little details like that really make me happy, and really show that you’re purchasing from somebody that cares.

All of her watches are available here on Etsy and they retail for about $65 a piece. Considering most fashionable, and in trend watches (from the Michael Kors, to Apple Watches) retail for somewhere between $300 and $700, $65 is a completely reasonable purchase for me. Plus, these have the added benefit of being unique as well as timeless – the watches are simple in that they go with almost everything, and are simple in their elegance and functionality as a watch. I also feel like it helps me “unplug” a little bit since I’m now not dependent on my phone to tell time. With just one less thing that I can step away from my phone for, I already feel sort of “cleansed” in a way. It’s an oddly satisfying feeling.

Do any of you have any new found style loves? Or any random style “hates” per se? I’d love to know in the comments 🙂

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