obsessed: amazon kindle

So I’m going on vacation this summer (fully counting down on my phone AND the blog lol) and back in March I was researching different tablets to take with me, to cut down bulk while traveling. Although I have my phone, and realistically am going to watch all the things on my phone, I’ve always been a book girl. I love the smell of pages, and the action of turning the pages, and just feeling the book in my hands. It’s a weird indulgence but it’s like my favorite. However, books are heavy. And while traveling abroad, I figured it’s space that I could give up, and weight I could give up, if I consolidated everything into a tablet.

My intention was to purchase a paper white Kindle – or whichever kindle wasn’t also a multi-functioning tablet. While looking through different tablets and brands, I realized that for just a little bit more money, I could purchase a Kindle Fire and also have access to audiobooks, digital streaming and browsing. The size of the Kindle was also preferable to other models – again it was all about streamlining how much bulk was in my bag. Lastly, it’s so affordable compared to iPads. A new Kindle Fire runs at most $200, I think, where as iPads start at like $400.

I started chatting to Sergio about this and he actually said that he had one, liked his, but didn’t use it anymore because he recently had purchased a MacBook Pro. So he very kindly gave me his Kindle Fire tablet. And I have to say, I’m so in love with it.

It’s pretty user friendly – it was easy to set up all of my preferences and sort the apps the way I like on the homepage. There was also a brief tutorial when I started it up so it was a smooth startup overall.

Functionally, the “big” things I wanted the tablet for have been fully worth having the tablet. Reading has been smooth, as have been downloading digital books as well as audiobooks. The screen is definitely and obviously digital, where it’s not the paper white/book finish that I was originally seeking out. I’ve had issues in the past reading on an iPad, but I haven’t had any headaches or eye strain with the tablet. Whatever they’ve done to adjust the digital-ness of the tablet, it’s working well for me. Audiobooks are fairly straight forward – they download onto the tablet and the audio quality is average so there’s nothing to complain about.

Truth be told though, I use the digital streaming functions the most so far. Granted, I have until August to read all my hard copy books, so it’s not like I need to read on the tablet right now, but I spend a lot of time in the evenings and on weekends watching all my shows. There’s an amazon version of every app that I use. It’s pretty great.

I know the iPad’s clarity is much better, as the screen and such is more advanced on the iPad. But honestly, it’s not that important for me when considering this tablet is so much more to me than a video service.

The size of the tablet is also around the size of an iPad mini, maybe slightly bigger, so it’s easy to hold, and not too small like an iPhone. It’s also got a plastic shell so it’s light.

Overall, I really recommend this tablet if you’re not somebody that wants to commit to the price point of an iPad or similarly priced tablet. It offers the services that I use on pretty much any other digital tablet format but also doesn’t hurt my eyes when I read, and was affordable (well was going to be if I bought rather than Sergio giving me one).

Does anybody have a favorite type of tablet? Or have any tips for the Kindle? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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