Obsessed: Instax Mini 8 & Polaroid Zip

Although I do have this blog to serve as a travel diary, I still keep a manually written one for myself as well. It’s more born out of the fact that I love to journal and to decorate and scrapbook. I’ve always been a planner girl, and while I was growing up, my parents always had me keep little diaries whenever we went anywhere. I started pseudo-bullet journaling this past year as well – mostly as another creative outlet but also to help keep track of things during the day.

I started a new travel journal this year when we went to San Luis Obispo. Mostly because I wanted to start fresh for when we went to Europe later in the summer. I figured I could keep it as my 2017 journal – I did add in some photos from the past few vacations we had went on but for the most part, it’s a clean, new journal.

While contemplating how I wanted to organize this new journal, I had come across one of Andrea from Scribble Prints Co (one of my favorite Etsy sticker shops) videos about the Polaroid Zip. The Polaroid Zip is an instant photo printer that uses no ink – you simply insert a pack of the special Polaroid Zink paper, sync up your phone to the printer, and then print out your photos 🙂 The paper with a sticky backing as well so you can easily put them into your planner or wherever you really please. It retails for about $125, depending on where you purchase. The printer comes with 10 sheets of paper. It’s a little on the pricey side so it took me a little bit to commit to purchasing it. I finally did though and can’t be happier with it! It’s a pretty convenient little machine – the paper is 2″x3″ so they’re perfect for journaling and scrapbooking. The print quality isn’t bad considering it’s a portable, instant printer. There’s also an option for collages, so you can print 2, 3 or more photos on one sheet and cut to your liking, if you’d like. For example, you can use a 2 photo collage setting, and print 2 photos, both 1.5″ in width, and 2″ in height. It’s perfect for the Erin Condren Vertical Planner, to fit in the full boxes. I’ve already used it multiple times, and have bought photo paper refills because it’s such an easy and useful way to quickly scrapbook. I have every intention of bringing it with me to Europe – it’s about the size of an iPhone Plus sized phone, and about an inch thick. It’s not bulky at all so it’s pretty travel friendly if you can afford the space in your carry on.

Polaroid Zip

photo inside my planner 🙂
I also purchased a Polaroid Instax Mini 8 camera, as another way to instantly print photos. I actually purchased the Instax first because my friend Rachael had been going on and on about how much she loved hers. I purchased mine on Amazon for about $60, and then had to additionally purchase the film. I bought a pack of 50 (5 packs of 10, as the camera holds 10 sheets at a time), for about $30 on Amazon.

What I like about the Instax is the style of photography – it’s a very vintage, washed out type of photography since it has one flash, one lens, and a few light settings but no way really to focus or adjust the camera. It has a bit of a learning curve in order to really get the photos in the best quality possible. I feel like I’m still learning how to best use the camera.

Specifically, I bought this camera to take more scenic photos, rather than subject specific photos. I am planning on taking it on my trip with me – it may seem like overkill to bring so many things, photography wise (I’ll probably bring my DSLR as well) but photography has become a hobby that I quite enjoy. Combined with my love of journaling, these two pieces have become quite the staple in my life. I’ve simply been taping my Instax photos into my various journals and planners with Washi tape and I like the way it looks, combined with all of my other decorative pieces.

Do any of you have either of these? What are you favorite ways to use the Instax or the Zip?

Instax Mini 8

photos inside my travel journal

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