sticker love | confessions of a planner addict


so this blog started off as being a lifestyle blog – or at least i had every intentions of that. it slowly turned into a personal therapy outlet, which is what i needed, but you know what? i’m back to wanting it to be a lifestyle blog. but no so much so that i can try and pretend to be some lifestyle guru – because i just want to share the things i’m obsessed with.

obsession #1? stationary. i’ve genuinely been obsessed with stationary since ever. i remember getting little note pads and pens as gifts when i was a toddler. and then as i went through school i had various planners (literally at age 7) and diaries for school. i was convinced to keep going to japanese school, in part because my mother would let me buy new japanese stationary for every school term. stickers, gel pens, mechanical pencils, notebooks, agendas, diaries – i have drawers and drawers in my closet FULL of them.

i really got into it in high school. i realized i could not only use it as a diary, or scrapbook, i could decorate it and really personalize it. i decorated my junior and senior and freshman year of college planners with puff paint.

sophomore year through to graduation, the lilly pulizter agendas were like a god-send for me because it was an “adult” planner that came with stickers. and they came in jumbo sizes! i’ve kept every planner i’ve ever had – and i love them all dearly.

when the planner community really started to boom this past 2 years, i knew i found a special niche where i could share my obsession. not only that, a lot of the beauty girls i adored, elle fowler, and aussie polish blogger madebyelissa were also planner girls 🙂 they introduced me to the erin condren life planner, which is the planner i now use. they also introduced me to the whole field and world of planner stickers and diy sticker making.

i used to always personalize my pages with highlighters and other random stickers i had but not until the planner boom and the surge of washi popularity did i really, really, start to go full on with my planners. that was about junior year of college for me.

now it’s a weekly must – it’s soothing, it fits with my original obsession, and i love it.


so i’ll slowly introduce more planner things as i go along – on my youtube channels i actually occasionally post plan with me videos and planner videos 🙂 for now though, welcome back to my blog, and welcome to another part of my brain.



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