:) updatesssss


So here are some new things:

  1. I bought a new car
  2. I’m job searching
  3. I’ve been a preschool aide for a full school year
  4. I’ve been a part-time nanny (regularly) for a full school year

It’s been a lovely 5 months since I last wrote. And like really, quite lovely. I mean I’m perpetually exhausted because I work 7 days a week. I don’t get days off unless it’s a federal holiday, or unless I’ve planned months in advance. But I like what I do. There are moments where I think “I can’t keep doing this everyday” but it passes. It’s nice to feel this way, and consistently feel this way for longer than a few weeks.

Granted, I am job hunting, but it’s more out of the need to move forward rather than being unhappy. Are there flaws in my jobs? Yes. Especially at the receptionist job I currently work. And am I excited for current possibilities? YES. But I’m going to miss pre-school. And I’m going to miss nannying.

It hit me the other day that it sounds strange from an outside point of view that I work 3 jobs. Somebody said “you’re cobbling your life together” and yeah, I am. And I’ve worked for all 3 jobs. I wasn’t put into the positions because somebody knew somebody; I did what I wanted to do, and found what I wanted to do.

I wish things were better with the receptionist job. More specifically I wish the general culture was better there. The work is fine. But I had a glimpse of what it would be like somewhere else, and again, I’m excited.

So I’m moving forward. And happily.

Other things, other things….

New car! The jeep died. That was a little heartbreaking because it was my dad’s. But I came out of it with a surprisingly large support system, in people I wouldn’t necessarily think to find it from (and not from people I would have expected it from but that’s a whole other thing…), and with a new car. I didn’t think it’d happen this quickly. Like I knew it was an eventuality but idk. “NEW CAR” wasn’t in my 2016 predictions. It happened though 😀

Anyways, I figured I’d mark this particular time in life so I have some sort of record of it. This particular moment in time is that point where things are really about to transition. I’m in a sort of uncertain limbo, which I’ve taken fairly poorly in the past, but I feel much less crazed this time around.

So, here’s the pindrop-milemarker-scrapbookentry.


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