happiest vacation on earth | day 4


So the next day (second to last of these posts! which i WILL complete before i go on vacation again. on friday. lol) of this vacation recap isssssssss San Diego!

We left Anaheim pretty early in the morning and drove down to San Diego on a rather nice coastal drive. I hadn’t driven on that coast in a long time so it was really nice to re-experience it. Random fact: gas is real expensive in San Clemente.

Since we Groupon-ed a hotel again, we decided it really didn’t matter where we got our hotel and so we picked the Best Western about a 5 minute drive away from Sea World. The drive wasn’t super far so we were able to get to San Diego by around 11:30am, checked-in, got all our stuff in the room and drove over to Sea World.

Now, I don’t think I’ve been to Sea World, or remembered going to Sea World, so I was honestly pretty excited for it. I know it’s got a fairly poor reputation for how it treats it’s animals but the little kid in me was excited for you know… being in the splash zone during a show.

Honestly, my favorite part of the park was the front entrance and the way they decorated the park. Which is kind of sad. But it was a pretty well decorated park. Their landscaping was beautiful. At the front of the park there were those little dead skin eating fish and a ton of interactive/learning pools for kids. That was neat.

Slowly but surely though, it was made pretty clear that Sea World was an aging attraction and was hit pretty hard by it’s negative publicity.

The first thing we did was eat lunch – we found a random cafe and had sandwiches. Then according to the map there was a show about to start so we piled into the giant line and sat down in the middle of the seats. Close enough to see the orca whales pretty well. The show was your standard “look at them jump! look!” it was as much as I had expected.

From there though it was just…. sad. We rode one of their water rides, which was pretty fun but like a B+ compared to the Grizzly River Run ride at Disneyland. Then we walked around: there were some indoor tanks which is something we can see in closer aquariums. Although they had turtles. There were little outdoor tidepools. We walked by a flamingo pond which didn’t smell all that great. There were seals and sea lions and dolphins which you could feed or watch instructors play with but the animals just expectantly sat there waiting for food rather than looking like they enjoyed living there. The indoor penguin exhibit could’ve been cool but the glass was dirty and it was hard to see. There was also another indoor shark exhibit where you could walk under the tank in one of those tunnels. That was cool. We totally skipped a different indoor exhibit because the line was super long. Basically we walked all around the park, had dippin’ dots, went on their big roller coaster at the end of the park and then decided we saw everything there was worth seeing. There was also this random indoor room with a beaver and some tree frogs.

Long story short: Sea World was a little sad. It was a quick enough trip that we were able to go back to the hotel and just rest a little since we were continuously going for about 4 days there.

That evening we drove around the city since we didn’t do much at Sea World. There was a really beautiful sunset that evening and we ended up at a seafood restaurant called Anthony’s Fish Grotto. It had a very 1950s family/traditional/everybody goes there feel to it. The seafood was pretty amazing though – my mom and I both jumped on the chance to get some good seafood since we were in San Diego. I basically got a big ole plate of fried seafood which is arguably the best fried food. My mom got scallops and they were amazing too. We were able to watch the sun go down since it was sitting right on the water. It was a nice way to end the day.

We headed back to the hotel and basically packed up since that was the end of the trip, aside from the drive home.

I’ll have the drive home photos up tomorrow 🙂


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