Chapter 2 | Happy Birthday Gus Gus!

Snergio and Princess take the beach.

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Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love. – Morihei Ueshiba

Once upon a time there lived a princess. She wasn’t the best, nor was she the worst. She lived happily, but not necessarily ever after. Her little kingdom was beautiful, and peaceful, and gracious, and everything she would’ve ever needed, she thought. Until one day, well one day it just was no longer a fairytale.

It turns out, that really nothing was as it seemed. Quickly she learned that not everything would come to her the way that she wanted, as it once did. She realized the magic was lost. Not gone, but lost.

What she didn’t realize though was that she could get it all back, with a little help from her friends: ResilienceLaughter, and Loyalty. Sprinkle in a little bit of courage and kindness and the sun could shine once more. 

Chapter 2 – Loyalty

If you couldn’t guess, Resilience was Chapter 1. Kate’s the foundation that needed to be laid in order for this all to work for me. I needed those lessons and her friendship to figure this all out.

However, Chapter 2 is just as important.

Remember that time I told you that Sergio took me to Best Buy in the middle of the night so I could return a TV that he had already helped me with previously? Well, turns out he’s still doing that. Figuratively. He figuratively always forgoes his comfy pants in order to make sure I’m ok. Or he lets me freak out to him, while he’s in his figurative comfy pants and well, he lets me emotionally and physically run amok of situations. He’s talked me off of quite a few edges and he doesn’t even know.

Admittedly (because I wrote about this before) I treat myself like a princess (positively and negatively) and Sergio takes it like a champ. I’m fairly high maintenance and he doesn’t complain. It’s an outstanding blessing for a person to have a loyal best friend like Sergio. I look up to him often (because he’s taller than me LOL #sergioistallerthantheo). I know how tough it is to get to know me and accept what I have to offer and how often I’ll figuratively kick and scream and have a fit should things not go my way. But I look up to him because he’s the definition of “ride or die.” Seatbelt on, goals in mind, ready to take on the world with me.

Today is Sergio’s 25th birthday – the second of us to reach his “half-centurion” (seriously though, Charley’s Brother, I’m never letting that phrase go). For what he’s accomplished as a man, I’m very proud of. I’m incredibly proud to call him my best friend and I’m even prouder to know that I can tell people that he’ll be my best friend as long as I ask him to be.

I wrote that there is nothing in the world I’d trade Kate for, and the same goes for Sergio. As a best friend he is irreplaceable and I hope he knows that.

So, thank you Sergio. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being a good neighbor, and being on my side (I don’t think Geico has a slogan but if they do you’d be that too). Thank you for being taller than Theo. Thank you for being funny (you too Theo). Thank you for not abandoning me at my craziest, most demanding, and worst moments.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

Still never going to the Bayou.

I hope the next 25 years are a breeze, if only for a few minor complications caused by yours truly (because we know it’s going to happen).

I wouldn’t be who I am without you as a friend. Every princess needs her little helper mouse.

Gus Gus Snerge-A-Lerge, Happy Birthday.

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