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Day 364: Kate's birthday! #400happydays #project365

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“What we find in a soul mate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.”

– Robert Brault

It’s birthday season! Everybody has birthdays in late April through to May. Theo and I are the only ones in August. Of my friends, Kate starts off the birthdays.

Kate is my person. She’s my hetero-lifemate. She’s my platonic soulmate. I would say we’re “ride or die” but we’re too neurotic for that – we’d absolutely ask each other to do stuff together, but there will always be a “but can we just go to target?” and we’d have to take a whole lot of bathroom breaks and all that. She’s my best friend. I run as much through her as I can, and it’s only limited to the fact that I generally will just make my own decisions before telling anybody (something Sergio happens to hate).

I’ve told you all our story. I’ve told you all how she’s cemented into my life. I’ve told you all why she, and our little group, is so important to me. So let’s just celebrate her today 🙂

It’s her 25th birthday! To steal a term from Charley’s brither, it’s her “quarter-centurion.” 25 years is a lot. I freaked out a bit back about turning 25, but Kate seems to be handling it ok.

Over the past year a lot has happened. A lot of tragic things. A lot of hurt. But there’s also been a lot of highs. A lot of happiness. It’s been quite the roller coaster. The best thing anybody can do in that situation is keep trucking on – and it’s been tough, but she’s pushing. She’s started to grow and it’s amazing to watch, and I’m proud of her.

There’s a lot I couldn’t do without her. It’s the best reminder to have courage knowing that she’ll be there for support. At one point we agreed to run with it, and it’s been an interesting, scary, and fun adventure, but only because I know she’s there.

I always count my stars knowing that she’s my person. She’s a positive light, and other people feel it too. I’m more than fortunate to have the people I have in my life. They keep me grounded and help me focus and understand my boundaries and keep me safe.

There’s not a thing in the world I would ever trade our lives together for, and there’s not a single thing I wouldn’t do for her (unless there’s some sort of world catasphrophe, then we all know it’s everybody for themselves…;)).

Happy Brithday, Kate 🙂 here’s to another 25 years.

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