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I used to log all the books I’ve read, just to keep a count. I think I counted so I could justify buying more books. If I read a certain amount in a year, then I’d be able to really say “well, these 10 books coming home with me will totally be read.”

In 2013, I just stopped counting because I forgot. I kept reading but idk. Who needs to count? But then I slowly stopped reading as much as I wanted to so I decided I’d start logging all my books again.

The books in the picture above are like, not even a dent in all the books I’d finished in 2013/2014. Just the ones I could easily find, and that would stand up well for a picture lol. The books below are part of a massive stack of books I’ve purchased over the last two years that I’ve needed to finish, or have read but want to re-read.



The majority of the books I read now are teen novels since they’re the fastest and easiest to read at work. When I’m not doing homework, or updating my blogs, or… I guess texting my friends, I’ll read my teen novels since they’re “no-committment” books. It doesn’t take a lot to get back into them and you can typically take a break from reading them and go back and not be confused.

Otherwise I like non-fiction books. Biographies are always fun. I like history books. Last year I read through a handful on the Tudors, specifically Anne Boleyn.

There’s a handful of adult fiction authors I like – Nicholas Hornby (he wrote High Fidelity) is one that I always enjoy works from. I read through the majority of the Game of Thrones novels but then just got tired of all the tiny print and all the detail. I needed a break, and then school started, and so I’ve had those waiting to be read in my pile in my room.

Most recently I finished The Duff (back in January), and started both Monsters and re-started The Scorch TrialsThe Duff was a quick read. Very cute. Unexpectedly more free with the idea of young adult sexuality than I had expected but was refreshing. They made it into a movie that was completely different from the book. It was still cute though. It’s a good book for girls who are struggling to figure out what’s ok and not ok with themselves.

Monsters is part of the Ashes trilogy which is about a post-apocalyptic zombie like world. Much more adventure-y than most teen novels. And not at all post-apocalyptic like The Hunger Games and Divergent were. It’s set litertally the second after the world goes down so there’s a lot more of a Walking Dead feel to it. There still a little romance in it, but it’s not at all in John Green territory.

The Scorch Trials is in the Maze Runner trilogy. I actually finished this trilogy already but after the movie came out, I wantd to re-read the second and the third to re-evaluate where I think the movies are going to go. It’s again a much more adventure-y themed series, but actually set in the future like The Hunger Games and Divergent.

I’ve previously done one other book review, but I’ll try to update my book progress, or do reviews, more often here. I like that this is my emotional outlet, but I figured I’d also have this be some sort of useful place for other things as well. That goes with movies too. I just need to remember to do them in a timely fashion. It’s totally too late for that Selma one. But I did just see Cinderella and Insurgent, and I’m on Spring Break this week so hopefully I’ll get to those this week 🙂

My emotional state has evened itself out in the last two weeks, so I’m feeling better again. I’m feeling much more focused and organized. But that always happens and then I’m back to feeling anxious about something. We’ll see. I’m feeling really ok though, and at peace with things at the moment. It may just be another stagnant moment where I subconciously don’t want anything to change, but I don’t have that same anxiety as last time. I’m ok. Things change, and there’s more to the world than just my problems. I’m allowed a snippy or tired day once in a while, but I have to wake up the next day and go on. And I wouldn’t have been able to do that, a year ago, or two years ago, or really, ever. Progress has been made and it’s working. I’m happier and better for it. I’m happier with people, and things and I’m better with people and things.

Anyways, I guess I just combined two posts in one since I didn’t have enough to say to warrant a whole post on how I’m moving along ok.

Happy Sunday!

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