no filter


Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces.
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right.

– The Beatles

My favorite part about working with children is the purity of their spirits. They see things with the fullest hearts and the brightest expectations. Everything is exciting and new. Their innocence is precious. I know not all children have this, and it’s heartbreaking because every child deserves it. But for children, magic is real, and it’s everywhere.

Three posts from me during the week has to be some sort of record. Not really. It feels like a lot. I guess I had a lot to say this week, or I’ve realized a lot this week.

Today is my favorite tiny-person’s birthday. She’s turning 3. I don’t want her to turn 3. I honestly want her to be 2 forever because she was an awesome 2 year old. But yesterday she gave me her last 2-year-old hug. And then this morning she said “here’s your first 3-year-old hug” and I almost started crying. She’s the sweetest.

We spend a lot of time together. I babysit her a lot. And I love it – her whole family, they’re the best family. I see the littlest the most though since she comes into daycare and doesn’t go to school full time yet. She’s my little buddy and I spoil her rotten. But we have an understanding and she doesn’t take full advantage of it. Mostly.

I’ve had other kids I’ve watched before that I’ve bonded with, and that I really truly do still love, but this one and I click. At least I think so lol. Who knows what actually goes on in the brain of a pre-schooler. And generally speaking I babysit kids that I’ve bonded with because it’s just easier overall for the parents, the kids, and for me. So I have a special relationship with all the kids I see. But maybe it’s just that I see this one so much? Idk. She’s a cool little human and she’s awesome.

The point of this post though, is that even though we spend a ton of time together and that we’ve bonded, she also teaches me something every time I see her. She’s a goofball but she has the biggest imagination and sees and loves and explores and yells and cries and hugs and laughs with all her tiny little being. Kids don’t see things with filters. Ideally, there’s nothing wrong with them yet.

I spent a good chunk of time with her yesterday in the morning in daycare. We cuddled. And did play-doh. And colored on balloons. It was cute. I fed her snacks because that’s all she ever wants and then she sat on my lap and gave me a big hug. And then we talked about animals and flowers and you could see her eyes get all big. Everything is new to her still and she loves learning.

She’s my best reminder to keep an open mind to things. She has no filter. She sees and processes things as they are because she’s 3 and doesn’t know better. She’s also one of my best reminders to appreciate things fully and love things fully. To cherish every moment you have with people and things and places. Everything is a special moment, when you’re that little.

As much as past things and present things can hurt, they’re all still special moments. They happen for a reason. Everything is deliberate. Whether it’s for you to learn from or for the other person, it’s all happening for a reason.

After this week, seeing her sort of turned everything around. She made all of my issues seem a little petty I guess. Or maybe her happiness is infectious. It’s not like other people haven’t had that effect on me; I know very well that my personal issues aren’t even that bad, and I’ve had people tell me their experiences and that sharp of a reality check was refreshing and needed. But there’s something about hanging with kids that aligns my viewpoint and helps me let go of things. Life is precious and innocent and magical. Why do I need to hold on to grudges and waste my time being angry; it’s more worthwhile to be happy. I’m learning to let it all go. Let the sun set. It’ll rise again, no matter what.

I’m fairly positive that she’s never going to see this, but Happy Birthday, little one. Keep smiling 🙂

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