garden party | the bees are back


The honey bees are back 🙂

Every February, the plum tree that sits over my deck blooms. One day it’s completely bare, and then the next it’s covered in the most delicate, pure white petals.

I woke up today totally sick. Knocked out, super congested, exhausted, tight chested. So I took a sick day and stayed home to watch movies and do nothing. Until I looked outside my window and saw a sprinkle of white petals and realized that my tree had bloomed, in what seemed like overnight.

There are moments that I never get tired of. Standing under the tree and watching the petals fall rank very high on that list.

Today, the bees came back as well. The bees that bring life back after winter. My bees.

I don’t know where their hive is, but every year they always come back to my tree and pollinate it.

I sat outside for an hour this morning. The bees were busy but it was fun to watch them.

The blooms and bees are always a reminder that great things are coming. No matter how rough winter can be, that spring is just around the corner.

Happy almost spring 🙂

IMG_2603 IMG_2614 IMG_2619

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