Holy February. January is gone. 2015, y’all.

But like seriously, that first month sort of disappeared. It disappeared into a lot of hours spent at work, or trying to sleep, or running errands, or starting school. Idk. It all feels sort of like a haze? I know it happened. I just can’t remember feeling it happen. Which sounds like an alarming sentence, but that’s what happens I guess.

2015 is sort of a scary year. I’m graduating college. I’m turning 25. I have to decide on where I want to go – life wise. It’s a lot. Who actually wants to do any of those things? Because I certainly don’t. Actually I don’t care about the college thing. I’m over college. Until I go back in September to get Early Childhood Education credits. But I actually want to do that. It’s not part of some socially obligated goal of reaching the “college graduate” status. That? I’m doing that for my mother. She wants a degree, so she’ll get a degree. Even though it took 7 years. She’ll get it, nonetheless. But anyways, I’m over college where I don’t actually enjoy college.

The 25 part? I can deal with that. 25 is just a number. But it’s a big number. But it’s just a number. I’m also the last of my four friends to turn 25. So I’ll gather more data on that after seeing their various responses to it and finally decide if it’s something I’m OK with or if I should freak out. I’ll check back in with you in August, when I decide.

It’s the deciding on the rest of my future thing that’s like… uncool. I’m ok with it, really. But also totally not ok with it. Like, I love working with kids. And I’ll absolutely choose to do that forever because it’s so gratifying and fun and amazing and it feels good. And I want to go to school for it. And I absolutely know there’s no guaranteed permanence to it because things constantly change.

I guess I’m just having a weird “let me be 24 and blog and not have to go to class in an hour” moment where I just, I want to take a nap. lol. This post is going nowhere.

I really would, if I could though, just sort of jump into an Alice nap and spend a day in Wonderland. A) I need the sleep. B) I need a proper “forget responsibilities” sort of week off. I said a day in Wonderland, but I need longer than that lol. But this is the life of an adult – responsibilities. For now, I’ll just daydream about all the places I would rather be.

Anyways, this is sort of my mid week check-in and “i didn’t forget this blog” post. I have things drafted for this blog. Some foodstuffs. Some reflective things. The Selma review lol. I just felt like I needed to stream out some consciousness before getting on with the rest of my day 🙂

I hope you all had a good January – here’s to a good February.

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