sick sick sick as a dog

from PhotoCraftbook

I’m the most sick right now. Well I was the most sick on Thursday and Friday. And now I’m just massively headachey, and exhausted, and body achey. Moving is currently the least enticing action I can think of.

Which is great, because I’m just sitting at work. But I also just want to lay down forever.

It’s flu season!

Actually my doctor said to not go to work today or do anything, but I couldn’t find a sub, so here I am. So responsible lol.

I have 6 more hours of this shift and I’m dying.

And all I’m going to do is just go home and pass out.

But it’s Christmas time! And I should get into the holiday spirit. If I think it, I will be. How very existential.

Hope you’re all having a better day than I am đŸ™‚

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