100 Happy Days | 26-30

Day 26: macarons ❤️#100happydays

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Day 26: Macarons

On Instagram, I’ve been seeing this tag go around for a few months now. Just this past week, Lindsay from LindsayDoesNails posted that she was going to do it, so I thought I would do it too. I thought this was a good way to turn things around, slowly. Lindsay mentioned the same thing – basically if you see one good thing a day, it can’t be all bad right?

I started this on May 1st, I’ll be posting them in groups of 5. 

Day 26 (above)

Macarons. I love macarons. They’re the perfect dessert. They’re bite sized. And delicious. And light. And crispy. And perfect.

There’s a bakery about 15 minutes away from my house that’s the most darling little bakery. Everything is pink and pastel and screams “Yukie’s future nursery.” Their cookies are little buttery pieces of happiness. And their cakes are the perfect density with the right amount of sweetness and I die for them.

Macarons though, Macarons are my favorite. Although nothing compares to L’aduree, this little bakery’s macarons are pretty darn good 🙂

Day 27: baby tomatoes :))))) #100happydays

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Day 27: Home Grown

I know I’m supposed to update you guys on all my little plant projects – believe me, I haven’t forgotten. But back in May, this is where I was. With my baby tomatoes. This was when they were just starting to develop. It was fun and rewarding to watch them grow everyday. Even though I don’t like tomatoes.

I actually just like the way tomato plants smell. Is that weird? It’s like that perfect earthy smell. It’s weird.

Day 28: 🍓#100happydays

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Day 28: Hello 🙂

Strawberry blossoms poke their little heads out every summer and it’s a happy little sign that times are good. I’ve had this strawberry plant for like 12 years. Every year it never fails to pop out all these tiny white little blossoms. I wait for them every year. Things may constantly change, but my strawberries are dependable.

Day 29: pretty sea foam moth #100happydays

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Day 29: prettiest moth in the land

I came home one day and found this little moth sitting under our camellia tree. It was just sitting, minding it’s own business. But it was the prettiest little thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve actually never seen one this colored before – there are moths everywhere around our house and I’ve never seen a sea foam colored one before.

Day 30: treating my mom to a movie. #100happydays

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Day 29: John Hamm

Matinee movies when you’re sitting alone in a theatre? There’s no other personal victory that feels better. Aside from winning most arguments. Or buying purses on sale. And like a million other things. But the movie theatre to yourself is a dream. And if it isn’t one of yours, it should be.

My mom and I go to matinee movies because paying full price is dumb. Mostly because I remember when full price for a movie was like $5. And now it’s like $13. DUMB.

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