100 Happy Days | 21-25

Day 21 – Rainbow Hydrangeas

On Instagram, I’ve been seeing this tag go around for a few months now. Just this past week, Lindsay from LindsayDoesNails posted that she was going to do it, so I thought I would do it too. I thought this was a good way to turn things around, slowly. Lindsay mentioned the same thing – basically if you see one good thing a day, it can’t be all bad right?

I started this on May 1st, I’ll be posting them in groups of 5. 

Day 21 (above)

So if you looked through these posts, most of these blog posts started as a place for my hobbies. One of them being gardening. It’s still a hobby, dirty-hand-complex and all. My mom’s favorites are Hydrangeas, so we’ve collected a lot of them. Specifically blue ones. Which we’ve figured out how to turn all of them blue. But one day I was going around taking care of them and found that some of them started going rainbow. It was pretty cute and happy and cool to see.

Calm. Forever calm.

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Day 22 – Calm After The Storm

May 22nd was a bad day. But the whole point of this series was to find just one good thing a day. And well, there was one good thing. Everything was calm. And everything was going to be ok.

Kate got into a car accident on the 22nd. She got a head wound. She bled everywhere. And Sergio and I had no details. And Theo and Joy were there and gave us no details. And it was the worst. And it was the worst to go into a hospital for the first time in years. And it was the worst to not know exactly how bad everything was.

But everything ended up ok. And it was calm again. Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

Day 23: I bought a sweater and it has pineapples on it. #100happydays

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Day 23 – Target At Its Finest

I bought a sweater and it has pineapples on it. It’s my favorite sweater, and it’s like everybody else’s favorite sweater. It’s the happiest. And that’s all I have to say about it.

Day 24: learning to walk 🙂 #100happydays

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Day 24 – Learning To Walk

Being somebody that spends a lot of time with kids, you end up being part of a lot of special little moments. A lot of firsts. One of the happiest firsts though is seeing how happy and proud and excited kids are when they first learn to walk. When they finally do it by themselves. It’s all giggles and smiles. It’s so gleeful.

This particular baby did start walking that day, and I’ve blurred it out for security reasons. But it’s also a picture representing a lot of those little moments I get to have with all the kids I spend time with.

There is a lot of unconditional, and pure love when you work with toddlers. Everything is new and everything is wonderful and fantastical to them. They laugh whole-heartedly and they cry whole-heartedly. They’re soft and squishy and the best. Kids are the best.


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Day 25 – Backstreet’s Back

Alright! What else is there to say.

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