100 Happy Days | 16-20

Day 16: the Pineapple Experiment. #100happydays

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Day 16 – The Pineapple Experiment

On Instagram, I’ve been seeing this tag go around for a few months now. Just this past week, Lindsay from LindsayDoesNails posted that she was going to do it, so I thought I would do it too. I thought this was a good way to turn things around, slowly. Lindsay mentioned the same thing – basically if you see one good thing a day, it can’t be all bad right?

I started this on May 1st, I’ll be posting them in groups of 5. 

So, not only did I figure out (a while back) that you can insert photos directly from Instagram to WordPress, I also then totally neglected some of my “Blog Projects” (Blogjects?) that I originally planned for this blog. This is me trying to get back into that and catch up.

Catch up. Sounds like Ketchup. Which was recently taken away from me (because I found out how it’s made and now… nope).

I’m in a very scattered mood this morning.

Day 16 (above)

In the summer, we ate a lot of pineapple. We went pineapple crazy. I even have a sweater with pineapples on it. And it’s adorable. But anyways, we consumed so many pineapples that I figured, there must be a way to either plant some seeds or something? So I found out how to root one and this was the first step.  You basically just pull out the top part and then dry it out and then put it in the ground after and hopefully it’ll like… grow. It’s currently in the ground. It’s not dead yet, so we’ll see.

Day 17: happy coworkers. Happy outfits. #100happydays

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Day 17: happy coworkers. Happy outfits.

In Mill Valley, a few years ago May 17th (or I guess the weekend surrounding it) was declared Water Safety Day. Basically we just hold a thing at the pool and talk about pool safety and decorate. This year my boss and coworker went all out and well, it looked like some weird tropical themed party vomited everywhere. It made for cute pictures though 🙂

Day 18: Sunny happy nails 🙂

There’s really not much explanation for this, other than the fact that I just wanted happy nails one day.

Day 19: officially officially officially free for the summer. Catching up on Game of Thrones

What did you guys do on your first day of summer vacation? Well I caught up on Game of Thrones. Again, not much to say about that.

Day 20: More Happy Nails 🙂

Clearly, I was in a glitter kick back in May.

May was a rough month, so at a certain point I just grasped for anything that would bring a little brightness to my day. But that’s the point I guess – no matter how bad it gets, it’s not always all bad, right?

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