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#tbt that time theo and I took a selfie together. Sort of.

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 “Just know you’re not alone
‘Cause I’m gonna make this place your home”

– Mr. Phillip Phillips

So you’ve met Kate, and you’ve met Sergio. And now, here’s Theo.

Believe it or not, that photo sort of perfectly describes Theo and I in relation to each other. For the longest time, no matter how good or bad or stupid or fantastic or ridiculous of a day I was having, Theo was always there. Sort of. As a blip. In the background of whatever current reality I was living. That was Theo for basically the entire first year that I knew him.

Theodore and Sergio met on Craigslist. Yup.

I think the day Sergio said “So I met this dude on Craigslist. We’re gonna meet up” I was legitimately concerned for him. I saw the Craigslist Killer. I know what’s up.

He came back, alive, unscathed, and said “Yeah he’s pretty cool. We’re gonna start a band.” and that was sort of it. Theo was Sergio’s new, mysterious, Craigslist Guy (which I called him for like 3 months) and they started a band.

Craigslist Guy then started stealing my best friends from me. Sergio spent a lot of time in Santa Rosa and at that point so did Kate. So I’m not gonna lie, Craigslist Guy was sort of a douche in my world for a while. How dare he do that to me. They’re MY friends. Without him knowing and really without myself knowing it did take a little toll on me because again, I didn’t get what I want and I took it out on people for no good reason. There was a rocky patch there for a second with me and Sergio and it had a lot to do with my faults of not sharing people, among other things.

But, after 6 months of Craigslist Guy, and all the stories I had heard of him, and of this myth that I created of him, and of all the times I was left in Mill Valley to like, watch Netflix by myself (Grey’s Anatomy what?), I finally met him and spent some time with him. He was cool I guess. And that was my opinion of him. For another like, 6 or 7 months. That and “He can sing, I guess.”

For Kate’s birthday this past year, I feel like I finally got more of an idea of who he was: The Quintessential Nice Guy. I wrote about this, months ago. He’s that guy. He’s so nice. And friendly. He makes a lot of people happy.

But it wasn’t until really this summer that I got to know him. He’s totally still Nice Guy Theo, but there’s a lot more that I just dismissed before because he wasn’t really permanent to me until this summer.

Does it have to do with the fact that he’s my person’s other person? Maybe. Not. Probably. Sure. He’s a good friend though. A really good friend, and does a lot of good in people’s lives. It’s a privilege to have him as a friend. I would be so lucky if he feels the same about me.

Superficially he’s my sports guy – nobody else talks sports with me. That was refreshing. He’s also got a tiny and endearing lisp. He wears corduroys. He gets his hair cut from Daniel (Sergio’s super fab hair guy). He wears a lot of flannel; or he used to anyways. He snaps loudly. REAL loudly. Scary, makes me jump, piercingly loud snapping. He appreciates U2 (which Sergio and Kate do not). We have big plans to cook salmon one day. He and I can harmonize really well to U2 in the car. He takes really, really, really, really, silly photos. He hates Phillip Phillips.

To finally have a Nice Guy in our group was a good thing for us, I think. Not that we’re not nice people – we just have a lot of pseudo-psychotic behavior in our little family (between Sergio, Kate and I, it’s a miracle we even function). Theo evens us out nicely and is a good reminder that being a good person is worth it. And once in a while, his secret mean-side will come out and it’s sort of the best.

Over the last handful of months, I’ve had a lot of really nice moments with Theo. I can pretty much always look forward to having a pleasant interaction with him.

It’s probably one of the hardest things, to be the New Guy in a group of friends like ours, and I certainly didn’t make it very easy for him. But I’m glad he endured it. I’m glad he made it through so that, as the majestic Mr. Phillips sings, I can make him feel a little bit more at home with us.

So, Theodore Evelyn Buford Burrito Leo Lee, Craigslist Guy, Nice Guy, New Guy, Singer, thanks for being around. Here’s to more backseat harmonizing.

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