don’t say i didnt, say i didn’t warn ya

boys only want love if it’s torture

Taylor Swift and I have a lot of emotional things in common, I think. Well at least I (and millions of other girls) like to think so.

This whole, “I spend a lot of time in my head” thing would make people think otherwise, but I fall for people easily. I have “adoption” syndrome – I like to adopt people. And things. I don’t ever talk about it though because I just don’t like to talk about it.

You can’t adopt a puppy and then leave it out in the rain.

Anyways, going back to that whole, “I have feelings for somebody” thing, well I do. And it’s slowly going away because it has to go away. Because I can’t be the girl to interfere with another person’s life. I was in a relationship once where I was hurt because of another person’s interference and it’s not fair.

I do still want to be friends with him though? It’s all a lesson in humility, I think. Another way to anchor myself into reality versus my happy cloud life. Because really, there are much harsher realities out there and I’ve been living the happy cloud life for a long time.

He’s an interesting person – and I think my interest is more rooted in the intrigue of somebody so foreign (life experience wise) that I’d actually be doing a lot of harm if I had gotten my way.

I like to adopt people. And then I like to fix them. And then I like to possessively parade them around and say “look what I did.”

It’s gotten me into trouble in the past and it’s not fair to do to people.

Basically, I’m sort of a horrible person. Even though I feel like a lot of the boys I was with were really receptive to it and liked it. Or maybe they just like throwing it in my face when we inevitably crashed and burned.

Anyways. I still want to be his friend. Mostly because I’m just so damn curious. And maybe I like the torture of seeing what I can’t have.

Girls only want love if it’s torture, too, Tay Tay.

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