happiest vacation on earth | day 2

IMG_6375Good morning everyone! I have Day 2 of my SoCal vacation for you all today 🙂 I’ve finally edited the second batch of photos and am putting them up. It’s been busy at school and work so I’ve been neglecting other stuff recently. I also think I’m getting sick. So that’s a thing. Either way, photos!

Day 2 was focused much more on the Disneyland side of the parks than California Adventure. Since we basically walked through that entire park yesterday, and did a lot of the big rides, we figured we’d spend most of the day in Disneyland.

We started off walking through Downtown Disney again – I bought a hat because I needed to NOT get sunburnt on my scalp. So, fully intending to purchase a San Jose Sharks hat at ESPN Zone, I walked in there to realize it was a) not really a store and b) focused on not hockey. So I left with a Giants hat. It ended up being my most useful anything on the trip.

Before we went to the parks we went and got beignets at the little New Orleans themed restaurant in Downtown Disney. They were amazing. If I could start every day with a beignet, I’d be the happiest and the most unhealthy.


Basically from there, our day started and didn’t end until 11pm that night. Instead of walking all the way through Downtown Disney we took the monorail and it dropped us off in Tomorrowland. It was cool to see Disney from the outside and loop around the Matterhorn. We also figured out that was the best way to get into the park, since we walked from our hotel (which was like a fifteen minute walk from the monorail).

The first thing we actually did was get a Fast Pass to Star Tours since it was right by the monorail exit and we basically just figured out how to navigate Disneyland in the best way possible. Since our Fast Pass didn’t allow entry for a few hours later, we went over to Adventureland – it housed Indiana Jones and that was basically the number 1 attraction I had on my mind the entire way down to Anaheim.

We initially tried to get fast passes for Indiana Jones but you can’t get multiple at the same time so we just got in line for Jungle Cruise. The line was about 25 minutes but it went by quick since it constantly moves. The actual cruise itself is super cute – the guides all have scripted lines but it’s fun 😉

We got off Jungle Cruise and went to Indiana Jones – the line was supposed to be 45 but when we walked up to it it suddenly changed to 25 mins. Another line that was super quick, and it was TOTALLY worth the wait. It is a little dated, but it’s everything I remember from being a kid. We even got to sit in the front and I vividly remembered doing the same with my dad – felt really wonderful to do that again.

Afterwards we walked through the souvenir shop and then went and got some Dole Whip. The 2nd thing I was absolutely excited for on our way down to Anaheim. It was AMAZING. And it’s really the perfect refreshing snack for a hot summer day. We just sat in a bench in the middle of Main Street and just enjoyed our Dole Whip and the setting of Disneyland. That was definitely a very happy and simple moment that Disney is perfect for.

We then walked through Adventureland and ended up near the Haunted Mansion – another quick line and another ride that was a total throwback. Super Disney; details were so precisely put in that it felt very magical. Plus it’s a beautiful building. Even though it was so hot that day, and it was generally just a long day on our feet, that was one of the attractions that totally makes you forget because it’s such a Disney experience.

However, the second we got off Haunted Mansion and got in line for Splash Mountain, the fatigue started to set in. Splash Mountain, the classic Splash Mountain, has the slowest line and is a very aged ride. It really was a full hour wait, and even though it’s a fun water ride at the end, it’s general theme and everything? A glimpse of old Disney, yes, but can definitely be improved? It probably won’t be. And it was fun to go just because I haven’t been on it in 10 years, but if I go every year I probably don’t need to go again soon. One of those rides.

After Splash Mountain we walked back around to Matterhorn. We skipped Big Thunder Mountain and Toon Town since neither of those really interested us. The walk through Disney, again, was just so wholesome. It was so cute and just a throwback. Everything was a separate memory of the different trips I’ve taken.

We were going to get in line for Matterhorn but the line was long and they didn’t have Fast Passes so we just went to Star Tours. As a mega Star Wars fan? I was so stoked. It was definitely worth the Fast Pass because the line was crazy long, and we just went right to the front. It was super fun to see Star Wars stuff being integrated into Disney, even though some people were against it at first. I loved it.

We talked about going to Space Mountain but decided to skip it. It was getting to be a long day already and we decided it was just worth going to other rides instead so we could fit everything else in for the day.

After we left Star Tours, we lined up for Matterhorn, which again was a surprisingly quick line. We got in our little log, and the ride itself was sort of quick so my mom and I said “oh, that’s it?” when it ended. However, the ride overseer took our log out of the line at the end and we were able to go again. That was really cool – I don’t know why they did that either. At the end of the second ride, we were waiting to get off and the back of Matterhorn faces Main Street so we were able to see a good amount of the Soundsational Parade from the back. It was like a front row seat without having to wait for a spot – Plus all the parade characters totally do a 360 throughout the parade. We saw Marry Poppins, Ariel, Jasmine and Cinderella and got lots of bows and hellos and kisses from all the characters. It was very sweet.

After Matterhorn, we debated going on It’s A Small World, and ended up not going because of the hour long line. I wanted to go but we were both tired so decided just to head over to California Adventure again. At that point it was like 5pm, so we had already been going for a straight 6 hours without stopping, really. We took the train around the park twice, so I could get video footage and just because it was a really nice break. It takes you all the way through Disney with extra little bits to see and it’s the best and easiest way to rest your feet.

At California Adventure, we actually got stuck behind the Pixar parade again lol. The first thing we did was get a Fast Pass to Grizzly River Run and then went over to the Cars land. It was beautifulIt was late evening and the sun was hitting everything just right. It was so well made. Since there was really only Cars attraction we wanted to go to, and the line was super long, we just decided to go into the Single Rider Only line and it was another “lightbulb” moment for us. We definitely kept that in mind at Universal Studios.

The Cars ride was very cute and a fun little roller coaster – plus it was a fairly lengthy ride so it felt very worth the time.

Next we went to Ariel’s Grotto for dinner, since we weren’t able to the first night. It was a pricey meal with decent food but the biggest draw for us was the pass for World of Color. We didn’t intend to go there just for that pass but when we were told we would get them it was definitely a major selling point. The ambiance was beautiful in the restaurant, but the passes were definitely the best part. Oh, and the salad.

We went quickly over to Grizzly River Run, which was SUPER fun. We didn’t need the fast passes, but since the ride broke down our first night we didn’t want to risk it. It’s a great water ride, again pretty long, and well, just plain fun. Even though it was cooling down, and even though it was almost night, we still both loved it. We did a lot of laughing during this trip lol.

And at the end of Grizzly River Run, it was dark, and there wasn’t much to see so we just went over to go scope out where we should go line up for World of Color. Little did we know, people were already lining up at that point, so we just lined up. And waited 2 hours.

2 hours for the most worth-it moment at Disney.

We were at the front of our section, and it turns out Ariel’s Grotto (and the other restaurant that shared our line) got to front and center at World of Color. We at the VERY FRONT. It was so worth it.

World of Color is probably the most phenomenal use of visuals I’ve seen in a long time. The time and work put in is more than represented. It’s just… incredible. You do get wet (soaked), when you sit at the front, but again, completely worth it.

I’ll post a video of all the raw World of Color footage I got. It’s so hard to just describe in words. Pictures are the next best thing, which I have a lot of, but still, it was just absolutely fantastic.

Robin Williams had died the day before, and there was a lot of love in our crowd – there was a unanimous cheer across the people for the Genie. It was truly a perfect end to a wholly amazing day.


IMG_6165 IMG_0943 IMG_0950

IMG_6177 IMG_6182

IMG_0955 IMG_0956

IMG_6197 IMG_0960 IMG_0965 IMG_0973

IMG_6207 IMG_6208 IMG_6213

IMG_0975 IMG_1000 IMG_1002

IMG_6226 IMG_1006 IMG_1009 IMG_1014 IMG_1016


IMG_1018 IMG_1023 IMG_1029 IMG_1032 IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1053 IMG_1055 IMG_1058 IMG_1072
IMG_6260 IMG_6261 IMG_6266 IMG_6270 IMG_6280

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