meet the family | snergio – the most photogenic of them all



“It’s been a long month” is going to have to suffice as an excuse for a month’s long absence. But like really, it has been a long month. I’ve been in a weird mood – a little heartbroken, a little in love plus a whole flurry of happy and angry and just overall moody. Boys came and went (and yeah, that’s a pun). A lot of past things that I didn’t ever think I’d experience again also came up; those were for the good.

This isn’t an update post though. I figured since this was a personal blog, I’d let you meet people in my personal life.

So, let’s start meeting the family.

Actually, you already did start. You’ve already met Kate. And a little bit of Theo. I’ll elaborate on Theo more in the future.

Today, you’re going to meet Sergio. Snergio. Snergemeister. Thnergio.

Sergio and I met… in 6th grade? In band. I was mean, he was nice. And rinse and repeat that for like 4 years. Always in band together, and I was always mean and he was always nice. He was captain of the D-Team. By himself. It was a one person team. The more I go into it, the meaner it sounds. But it wasn’t really all that serious because a) I was basically alone on the A-Team, b) there wasn’t a B or C Team, c) there were most definitely teams E-Z. Patrick (who you’ll also eventually meet) and I would (in good spirits) tease Sergio, and he’d always take it.

One day I sort of just decided “well, I mean it’s been THIS LONG and he’s still nice, so we can be friends” and then we became friends. We would go to lunch every Monday and Wednesday. He’d buy me french fries every time we went to In ‘N’ Out. And it slowly evolved into best-friend-dom, at least on my part.

By Junior and Senior year, Sergio was easily one of the people I saw on a daily basis that I was actually happy to see as a friend. There weren’t a lot of people that I really liked in high school. 4 years and I came out of it with only a handful of people that I bothered getting to know because the rest of them were crap. Quality vs. Quantity. I’m pretty satisfied that Sergio made that list.

Through college and the like, until now, I’ve probably spoken to Sergio almost everyday, if not every couple of days. We went through COM, and various relationships, and other various schools together and he was always there. I even made him get out of his comfy pants at 9:30pm on a random Tuesday to go to Best Buy so I could buy a TV. Then 30 mins later, go back, return the TV and get a different one. No complaints.

He always drives me around places and will let my ego make a run for it.

I go through my bitchy, complainy, snobby, depressed, manic, angry, competitive and hurtful mood swings and he’s always there.

Kate may be my person, but Sergio is most definitely a huge reason that I stay rooted to the ground. He’s unquestioning support. For a person who spends 90% of their time with their head in the clouds, it’s a life essential to have a Sergio to remind you that things are real and that the support is there so that anything can be done.

Also, for a person that likes routine, and let’s say only listening to like 3 bands, and only liking a specific genre of movies, and a person that’s generally very stubborn about things (because I’m perfect and I’m always right duh), it’s imperative that a Sergio is around to introduce you to new things and whatever lol. (Run-on sentence what)

But in all seriousness, as #1 Best Friend in our Best Friend group, it’s good to have Sergio be #2 (Kate is 3 because she’s not competitive, but sometimes Kate is 2, so Theo and Sergio can be 3 and 4 together. It’s all very confusing.).


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