summer is here



Around this time of year, every year, the plums start turning red. They start as springy green little orbs and grow and warm up to a yellow, an orange, then finally a deep red. They turn the air sweet. The brighten up everything around them. It’s always a telltale sign that Summer is here.

The tree is really old – it’s been a part of my home for my entire life and you can see the wear and tear it’s taken throughout the years. The flowers don’t bloom as strongly anymore, and the fruit don’t come up in abundance as they used to. It’s still my tree though.

When I was little, my parents used to make me collect all the fallen fruit on our deck as a chore. It was my least favorite thing to do because I’d have to pick up hundreds of tiny little red plums. I’d get them all over my hands and they’d get stuck to my feet and it felt like it’d take hours even though it was really only like thirty minutes of work.

But the fruit don’t come up in abundance as they used to. So even though when I was little I absolutely hated doing it, I sort of miss it now. Just the other day I was reading on my deck with Mr. Thoughtful (he wants to be kept off this blog as much as possible, so I oblige) and I got up to get some water and I stepped on one. I had one of those nostalgic flashbacks and started laughing out loud and I got a couple of weird stares from him but it was oddly comforting to step on the plum. Weird and hard to explain.

Seasons come and seasons go and years pass by. Although I wish the tree was as young as it used to be and as lively as it used to be, there’s a good lesson in it’s aging – everything moves on whether you like it or not. As much as I wish I didn’t take picking up all those plums for granted, I did and now even though there is still some fruit that comes up, I just have to accept that change is inevitable.

The past couple weeks of summer have been a dream, things have been wonderful. It was a long time coming, after a long long rough patch. Even though at the time it didn’t feel like it, things did move on, and here I am. Happy as a clam. And I know it’s going to move on again, it’s not going to stay like this. But since I’m here, I can tell you every happy moment is now appreciated like it’s the best it can get because, well, one day the plums will all be gone. For now though, summer is here.


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