garden party | california sunshine


This morning before work, I went to go do my morning flower check-in and found that my little poppy had bloomed.

When I was little, my brother, with the help of my mom, planted a few California Poppies. When they bloomed, I was 3 so I thought “pretty flowers!” and picked one. And got in trouble because it was a) illegal to do so and b) hurt my brother’s feelings. It’s a silly story but a memory that’s very vividly recounted every time I see California Poppies. Moreso the feeling of “pretty flowers!” than the getting in trouble part.

Since they grow pretty easily I picked up a few packs of seeds over the fall and they started sprouting pretty instantly. They just grew and grew and then suddenly stopped in February. They just sort of decided to not try anymore lol. But then last week I saw a tiny tiny bud on one of them. And they started to grow and grow again and this morning there it was. A little bit of sunshine to start off my day 🙂

Have a good weekend, everybody!


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