healthy living | pressed juicery part deux



So this is the other juice from Pressed Juicery that I’ve come to be quite fond of. The first is Citrus 2, which I’ve mentioned already on this blog 🙂

Strawberry Apple Lime is a good way to get sweets in without going overboard. The juice has a very strong Lime overtone, and then the strawberry and apple come in as an aftertaste. It’s not an artificial Lime though – really green, and almost savory.

I don’t typically like this one as something to drink first thing in the morning. Citrus 2 is one I favor more in the morning because it’s so zingy and energizing. Strawberry Apple Lime makes a good afternoon refresher.

Again, I love that these are really clean tasting juices. They’re easy to consume without making you feel weighed down, like other beverages do. The liquid itself isn’t weighed down by extra sugars, it’s purely just juice :D.

There’s a new juicery actually very close to my house as well, so I’ll be trying those soon. It’s been exciting to try new juices and find which combinations are my favorite.

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