garden party | lay of the land; the deck part 2


The first couple of my Garden Party posts will be just showing you the setup – the lay of the land. At our house we have the deck, which is where most of the potted plants live. To the side of our house we have some potted plants, as well as plants in soil, and then in our backyard we have some boxes but mostly plants in the ground.

These will be split up since the post would just be egregiously long. The deck itself will even be three posts. Then the back yard will be probably two posts.

Today I have the second section, which is my roses. They’re my babies. There are a few bits between the veggies and the roses which I haven’t shown yet but they’ll be in either the hydrangea or cactus post 🙂 Again, I’m just basically going to list for you what I have here, then in a future post I’ll go into more detail about how some of them flourished over others, as well as pests, and things I’ve generally found help them grow. IMG_0231

I keep all the roses bunched together in separate pots, spaced out so they get enough air circulation. Air circulation is important so they don’t get too crowded and start to mildew (which, again, I’ll go over in a future post).

Most of these I bought at either Home Depot or Orchard Supply Hardware. The season to purchase roses is between February and May, by the way. I have a good mix of smaller and larger blooming roses, which I did to get a little bit of visual texture. There’s a good mix of color in there as well.

Those small pots in the front are all cuttings I’ve been trying to root the past couple of months. When I first started getting into gardening, my mom showed me that you can take cuttings from other plants, stick them in water or in the ground, and they’ll start growing roots. I was so skeptical the first time around, but in January as I was pruning some of them back, I took some cuttings, and low and behold they started to root. I’ll have a separate post on rooting – all the tricks I’ve learned work to get successful propogation. The picture below though is a photo of a cutting I took back in March from my Joseph’s Coat plant, and now it’s got a good set of leaves that keeps growing every day.

IMG_0232Now for the breeds I have – I’ve posted them all below in order of how you see them. The front row, from left to right, then the back row from left to right. 😀

I hope you all enjoy!





Popcorn Drift


Spanish Red


Apricot Drift


Unknown (from Home Depot, had no label but is super fragrant!)


Fragrant Plum


Climbing Cecile Brunner

IMG_4678Joseph’s Coat


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