mental health day

freshcutflowersSo my day started off with Jury Duty. Which I was NOT looking forward to for the last week. I had every opportunity before yesterday to try and reschedule but had sort of settled on actually attending so I didn’t reschedule. But then yesterday I was like “NEED TO RESCHEDULE” and they wouldn’t. So that was my morning.

I had actually never been to Jury Duty before because I had always rescheduled. It was just a nuisance to deal with during school and I plainly didn’t want to go during the summer.

Finally after 6 years of avoiding it at all costs, I just went.

Essentially you get there at the time they ask you to show up. But they don’t start on time. Then they go over how to open the envelope for 20 minutes (which I assumed people did when they first received it because it says “OPEN IMMEDIATELY” in big red block letters), and why you could possibly be excused. Then they take them from you as a way to take roll and show you a movie for 20 minutes about the benefits and processes of going through jury selection. It’s mind numbingly bad. The movie is also pretty starkly 90’s and well, it’s just bad.

After the film the lady in charge actually excused like 10 people, and I would’ve loved to know why because they all clearly spoke English, did not have any visible signs of terminal illness, and were not breastfeeding children. Maybe all 10 of them were caretakers but yeah, they got to leave.

Either way it ended up not mattering because within a few minutes she told us we could all go because the court decided no to have a trial today. Which meant the rest of us were free to go, and were exempt from being summoned for another two years.

I guess it was all worth it in the end – waking up early, sitting through an hour of useless info, to be let out SUPER early.

After we got out though I just decided to take a mental health day and essentially do nothing for the rest of the day 🙂 I did my duty as a citizen, so my day is done lol.

I got home and cut some roses and put them in a little cup so you all could see, and now I’m off to go hang out with friends 😀

I hope you all have a happy monday!



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