healthy living | blue not-so-suede shoes


To help jumpstart this new healthy lifestyle, I decided to motivate with new shoes. Because it’s every girl’s motivation.

Macy’s was having a sale on their athletic shoes a week ago, and I had been eyeing a new pair of Nike’s for a while. I’d been fiddling around with their Nike ID program online for a while but never committed to purchasing anything because I couldn’t fully commit to using them. Now that I have more time, and that I’ve started a regular routine, I started browsing for shoes again.

This new “project health” just happened to fall in line really well with Macy’s sale and it just felt like fate. Well, as fate-like as buying shoes can get. Not only did they have the line of shoes that I liked (the Free 5.0, which are really light and good for various exercises not just running), they had the perfect color scheme, which looked very similar to the pattern that I had made on the Nike ID program. Plus they were 20% off, it was just perfect 🙂

There was nothing wrong with my old shoes; they’re actually going to be better for running on trails and going on hikes. These will be better for everything I do on pavement or in the gym.

Anyways – part of this purchase was also a motivating present for me lol. Are there any ways that you guys motivate yourselves? Let me know in the comments 😀

IMG_0213 IMG_0217

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