garden party | lay of the land; the deck part 1



The first couple of my Garden Party posts will be just showing you the setup – the lay of the land. At our house we have the deck, which is where most of the potted plants live. To the side of our house we have some potted plants, as well as plants in soil, and then in our backyard we have some boxes but mostly plants in the ground.

These will be split up since the post would just be egregiously long. The deck itself will even be three posts. Then the back yard will be probably two posts.

Today I have part 1 of the deck, the far left side, essentially the mini-vegetable section. There are some other plants there as well, but they’ll be more detailed in future flower/breed posts. Here I’ll just list what I have, and tell you how we decided to set it up. Not going to be a super interesting post to most of you but some of you out there will appreciate it hopefully.



On the very left side we have a few flowers, fuchsia, snapdragons and a Bird of Paradise which has yet to bloom. Then there’s an azalea, some pansies and then the veggies/herbs start. The end of the line has some cactus and a hydrangea and a bougainvillea.

They’re all individually potted so they’re easy to transport and it gives us the freedom to repot or relocate as needed.

Currently the veggies and herbs we have are:

  • Parsley
  • Tomatoes (all cherry tomatoes)
  • Basil
  • Sage
  • Sweet Pea
  • Cilantro
  • Thyme
  • Lettuce variety

IMG_pCurrently the focus ended up being the tomatoes I have – there’s a big pot of basil as well. Earlier in the spring, before I started this blog, we had some rosemary but relocated it into the back to give it more space.

The tomatoes and basil I actually started from seed, back in the winter. With the majority of the basil and tomatoes I used those little seed starting peat pots – they come pre-filled with a little bit of water activated starter, and come in a mini greenhouse-box of sorts. Before trying that, I tried just starting tomatoes in soil but it got too cold and most of them just didn’t survive. We had a very late warm spell that continued on to about November, last fall. The seeds sprouted quickly and were fine until about January when we had a sudden cold spell that just took out a ton of our plants. Not only did they die from the cold, but a few of them didn’t take to transplanting very well either.

I also over-miracle-growed them (lesson learned) and they just died out. Only two of the original non-seed-starter tomatoes have survived. One is still just barely producing it’s second set of leaves (it sprouted very late, almost mid February). The other though produced the first fruit of the season, and is doing so well now that it’s acclimated to it’s living situation and that spring has come. After months of washing out all the Miracle Grow and trying to fix some rookie mistakes, it was so gratifying to see results in the tiny tomato 🙂



The other tomato plants that were started with a little more protection, aka the seed starter, have just flourished. They’re tall and have such healthy leaves and all have multiple flowers and fruit. I’m very proud of my little tomato family right now.


As I mentioned, I started some basil as well and we’ve already picked from them! It tastes better than any other basil I’ve tried, although a lot of it I think has to do with the fact that I grew it. By myself! Crazy fun to see it grow every day and then get to eat the results.


If anybody is wondering, all the netting covering the veggies and herbs is just to prevent my enemy, The Squirrel. Well it’s a family of squirrels. And they’re not really my enemy because they’re adorable. But anyways, part of the learning process with all this growing has been dealing with pests, whether it be from undesirables (like aphids and other bugs) to the cute stuff (deer and squirrels). At one point I was going crazy because on the deck the squirrels kept eating my rose buds and in the back the deer ate everything. But we’ve found a way to deal with it all.

Again, at the very end we have the bougainvillea and some cactus. I’ll have a post actually completely dedicated to cactus because it’s my mom’s favorite hobby at the moment. Just past the cactus and bougainvillea you’ll see a hydrangea, for which I’ll have a completely separate post as well.

IMG_0235It’s so fun seeing things grow, to the point where you know you’ll get to enjoy them personally – whether it be cooking or decorating the house. The feeling of watching a seedling go from a baby plant to a strong, legitimately healthy thing is crazy and totally satisfying.

I’ve become a crazy plant person, in other words, but I absolutely love it 😀

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