100 Happy Days | Days 6-10

6to10On Instagram, I’ve been seeing this tag go around for a few months now. Just this past week, Lindsay from LindsayDoesNails posted that she was going to do it, so I thought I would do it too. I thought this was a good way to turn things around, slowly. Lindsay mentioned the same thing – basically if you see one good thing a day, it can’t be all bad right?

I started this on May 1st, I’ll be posting them in groups of 5. 

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Day 6 – A Welcome Visit From A Honeybee

With all of the flowers that we’ve been adding to our home, there have been more and more visits from friends like this honeybee.

I recently watched a documentary on honeybees on Netflix and it was a good reminder that everything matters. Everything has a job; everything makes a difference.

We actually have a growing bee… hole? In my backyard. There are bees going in and out of this little hole in the ground. Well it started with a little hole. But now it’s a rather large hole. I don’t really mind them though since they’re not wasps. Or mosquitos. Or flies. Anyways, they’re sort of happily living in the hole in the ground and it’s nice to see them around. It feels like we’re doing something right if they’ve chosen to stay here for a while.

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Day 7 – Candy

After finishing finals, the first thing I thought was “candy!”. Luckily that week I went up to visit Kate and was able to pick some up at a local candy store.

These particular candies happen to be some of my favorites. They’re really simple, uncomplicated fruit candies. They’re not hard candies, but not gummies. Sort of a mix of the two? The flavors are (from L to R), Black Currant, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon and Green Apple.

They’re so pretty in little candy jars and are good little pleasures that pick up a day.


Day 8 – Good Hair Day

Sometimes, a good hair day can just make everything the rest of the day seem fantastic.


Day 9 – NOTD

The polishes I was wearing that day were Starlight Polish’s Unicorn Tears and Lynnderella’s Crocus Pocus. Purple holo and shimmer and glitter galore. I was at work all day that day, so it was fun to look down at my nails and see something fun.

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Day 10 – Happy Bloomer

I mentioned before that I had one little, struggling rose, and here it is. It much healthier than it was before, but it still has a little ways to go. This was a month ago when it had just started to bloom. It was very gratifying to see that even after all that trouble, it was still able to blossom so beautifully. It was a good life lesson 🙂

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