healthy living


The only issue with “doing what makes me happy” is that whole… overall health thing. Ice cream is the best. But too much ice cream is a long term bad thing. Physical health wise, anyways.

Since I have more free time in the summer, I decided I’m going to start running again, and going to eat less “bad stuff.” Which is hard, because it’s the bad stuff that tastes good. But I’ve been living on “bad stuff” for about 3 years now and I’m sort of getting over it (except for frozen custard, never getting over frozen custard).

I recently started following the Blogilates “months” and also started consciously deciding not to eat so many snacks at home. I LOVE Cassey on Blogilates – she’s so encouraging and easy to follow. And not a weird, plastic encouraging either. A genuine, “you make me feel beautiful” encouraging lol. I’m not usually one for exercise classes or pre-maid workouts but man, hers are effective and fun!

As for food, the snacking has sort of slowed down. Sort of meaning when I’m at home, I’ll keep an eye on it. But when I’m out, I’m going to buy macarons and french fries and enjoy them. Eventually I know that’ll have to stop too. But baby steps, guys. One of my favorite go-to snacks right now is putting blueberries on everything. The picture above is one of those Muller Corner greek yogurts (the one with almonds since it tastes the best) with blueberries on top. It’s amazing. It’s crunchy and just enough to satisfy me and not want to eat a chocolate bar (which is saying A LOT).

What actually brought this on was a girl on YouTube, Amynicolaox; she lost 80 pounds in a year. 80 POUNDS! Talk about inspiration. I’m by no means trying to lose 80 pounds, I’m just trying to feel healthy. But if she can do that, I figured I can get motivated as well.

Are there any favorite workout-y things you all like to do? I’d love to know 🙂

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