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so this blog started off as being a lifestyle blog – or at least i had every intentions of that. it slowly turned into a personal therapy outlet, which is what i needed, but you know what? i’m back to wanting it to be a lifestyle blog. but no so much so that i can try and pretend to be some lifestyle guru – because i just want to share the things i’m obsessed with.

obsession #1? stationary. i’ve genuinely been obsessed with stationary since ever. i remember getting little note pads and pens as gifts when i was a toddler. and then as i went through school i had various planners (literally at age 7) and diaries for school. i was convinced to keep going to japanese school, in part because my mother would let me buy new japanese stationary for every school term. stickers, gel pens, mechanical pencils, notebooks, agendas, diaries – i have drawers and drawers in my closet FULL of them.

i really got into it in high school. i realized i could not only use it as a diary, or scrapbook, i could decorate it and really personalize it. i decorated my junior and senior and freshman year of college planners with puff paint.

sophomore year through to graduation, the lilly pulizter agendas were like a god-send for me because it was an “adult” planner that came with stickers. and they came in jumbo sizes! i’ve kept every planner i’ve ever had – and i love them all dearly.

when the planner community really started to boom this past 2 years, i knew i found a special niche where i could share my obsession. not only that, a lot of the beauty girls i adored, elle fowler, and aussie polish blogger madebyelissa were also planner girls 🙂 they introduced me to the erin condren life planner, which is the planner i now use. they also introduced me to the whole field and world of planner stickers and diy sticker making.

i used to always personalize my pages with highlighters and other random stickers i had but not until the planner boom and the surge of washi popularity did i really, really, start to go full on with my planners. that was about junior year of college for me.

now it’s a weekly must – it’s soothing, it fits with my original obsession, and i love it.


so i’ll slowly introduce more planner things as i go along – on my youtube channels i actually occasionally post plan with me videos and planner videos 🙂 for now though, welcome back to my blog, and welcome to another part of my brain.



:) updatesssss


So here are some new things:

  1. I bought a new car
  2. I’m job searching
  3. I’ve been a preschool aide for a full school year
  4. I’ve been a part-time nanny (regularly) for a full school year

It’s been a lovely 5 months since I last wrote. And like really, quite lovely. I mean I’m perpetually exhausted because I work 7 days a week. I don’t get days off unless it’s a federal holiday, or unless I’ve planned months in advance. But I like what I do. There are moments where I think “I can’t keep doing this everyday” but it passes. It’s nice to feel this way, and consistently feel this way for longer than a few weeks.

Granted, I am job hunting, but it’s more out of the need to move forward rather than being unhappy. Are there flaws in my jobs? Yes. Especially at the receptionist job I currently work. And am I excited for current possibilities? YES. But I’m going to miss pre-school. And I’m going to miss nannying.

It hit me the other day that it sounds strange from an outside point of view that I work 3 jobs. Somebody said “you’re cobbling your life together” and yeah, I am. And I’ve worked for all 3 jobs. I wasn’t put into the positions because somebody knew somebody; I did what I wanted to do, and found what I wanted to do.

I wish things were better with the receptionist job. More specifically I wish the general culture was better there. The work is fine. But I had a glimpse of what it would be like somewhere else, and again, I’m excited.

So I’m moving forward. And happily.

Other things, other things….

New car! The jeep died. That was a little heartbreaking because it was my dad’s. But I came out of it with a surprisingly large support system, in people I wouldn’t necessarily think to find it from (and not from people I would have expected it from but that’s a whole other thing…), and with a new car. I didn’t think it’d happen this quickly. Like I knew it was an eventuality but idk. “NEW CAR” wasn’t in my 2016 predictions. It happened though 😀

Anyways, I figured I’d mark this particular time in life so I have some sort of record of it. This particular moment in time is that point where things are really about to transition. I’m in a sort of uncertain limbo, which I’ve taken fairly poorly in the past, but I feel much less crazed this time around.

So, here’s the pindrop-milemarker-scrapbookentry.


oh hey, 2016

Hello, Internet 🙂 How goes it?

Hope the rest of your 2015 went well – mine went well enough that quite frankly I didn’t feel like I needed to post here. I mean, I know I have photos and such to catch up on, but for the most part, I had a really lovely 2015. And after I went on vacation in August, it was all sort of a whirlwind of “good” that I didn’t feel the need to separate from the world as much as I used to. I didn’t need this blog emotional outlet, which is what this had turned into.

Really quick, here are my top 5 moments from 2015:

  1. Graduating college – look mom, I did it! No but really, it was probably the most relief I’ve felt in a really long time. Not just the ceremony but receiving my diploma in the mail in September was just so satisfying.
  2. Star Wars – the movie came out only like 2 weeks ago, but it definitely ended my year on one of the most positive notes. And not just because I’m a Star Wars fan but because it just felt like a good omen. It reminds me of my dad, for one, but also when the theme came on it felt like the beginning of a new phase. I’m 25 (and a half lol) and I’ve started a job in a field I want to be in and I’m financially secure, emotionally secure, and couldn’t really ask for very much more. It was a lot of emotions watching the opening of Star Wars, because well Star Wars but also because I was really, really happy. I was happy that I got to experience another Star Wars, I was happy with the company I was keeping, and the fact that it closed out a great year, and again, just felt like the beginning of a new chapter. For me it wasn’t really about the movie itself, the plot, the characters (which I did really like, btw), but about reminding myself of the joy and love that I’ve had in my life.
  3. Teaching Pre-School – this is the job in the field that I want to be in. I was sort of handed a teacher’s aide position in the pre-school program through my work and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been the best four months and I’m so excited to be going back to it for the rest of the school year. It’s rewarding, and fun, and exciting. It’s also been an excellent learning experience and I know I still want to be working with this age of kids, even on the most trying of days. It felt good to realize that everything I had thought about the field was right; that I found what I love to do.
  4. Jurassic Park – similarly to Star Wars, hearing the theme to Jurassic Park just made me so happy. Jurassic Park was probably the other movie that emotionally was tied to me while growing up, because of how much my dad loved it, and how much he made my brother love it, and then how much he made me love it. We’ve been a dino family since before I was born. It came with his profession. But again, just experiencing something like that, and letting myself just feel ecstatic for two hours was a change for me and a good change. The movie came out a few weeks after my dad’s death date (one day I’ll find an eloquent phrase for that) and I had one of those few and far between spiritual moments where I knew he just wanted me to be happy. Jurassic Park was the first reminder of that after a few weeks of feeling down. And I held onto it for the rest of the year.
  5. The Beatles Love – in more broad terms, it was basically just that vacation I took with my mom, but The Beatles Love was the high point for me. We went to Vegas for 2 days and then went to Disneyland for 3. Vegas was really fun; it was fun to purely be a tourist and just engage fully in the Vegas lifestyle for 2 days. We finished our short visit there with The Beatles Love and it was really beautiful. It was my second spiritual moment (the third was Star Wars). It made me feel really zen, even though I felt like crying the whole time because my dad would have loved it. I hadn’t been as awed by Cirque Du Soleil since Quidam (we were a big Cirque family too – I’ve seen every show they’ve toured). Combined with The Beatles it was almost just too much for me but the wonder and the artistry that went into the show highlighted it’s very simple but poignant message: live and love to the fullest. I also think I needed to experience it with my mom. That trip was really good for us, as our trips together usually are. We’ve been sort of experiencing all these things together that I think my dad really would have loved. And we need those experiences. We also just have been having the best little vacations and have been enjoying our fun little adventures. She’s much more fun that I ever though she was growing up. The past few years have really made me understand and appreciate my mother more than I’ve had my entire life. And Vegas, Love, and Disneyland have been real markers of that.

I do plan on going back and using this as a “lifestyle” outlet – a scrapbook of sorts where I can catalogue photos, and recipes, and goals. Which, I figured, was why posting on the 1st day of 2016 was a good idea.

I’m not usually a “resolutions” person, and I still don’t really think I am, but for cataloging reasons, here are some wants, and goals for 2016.

Things I want to do:

  1. Have more “moments” – concerts, shows. To live, feel, and most importantly be less dependent on my phone. Less screen time.
  2. Purge – live simply. And really just be happy with what and who I have. I’ve been slowly purging things (material things) but I think I can go further and “purify,” for a lack of a better word, the other areas of my life. I don’t quite need to constantly multitask. I don’t need to work myself down (which is different from working less hours). It sort of goes back to feeling and living more.
  3. Give my all to the projects that I choose to start. It was my choice, so I will finish them.
  4. Keep reading.
  5. Keep working hard. Again, I don’t need to work less hours, or take a break, I just need to work in a way that doesn’t occupy all of my life. I don’t need to put as much thought into work after it’s done, but I can still be proud of what I do at work. I also don’t need to settle into what I’m doing and be complacent or comfortable.

And some more immediate goals:

  • Post vacation pictures
  • Post vacation video
  • Save for a car

Those I’ll have more as upfront goals (the first two MUCH more upfront than the last).

It’s a good place to start, I think. Although I had a pretty good year, life always moves on so I have to move along with it.

I’m looking forward to 2016. I’m in the latter half of my 20s and I feel much more truly at peace than I have in… ever. I’m glad to be moving forward, but I think it’s important to acknowledge the importance of everything that has happened in the past.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, as I’ve said before. All the hurt and the annoyances and the obstacles happened so I could be where I am now. I wouldn’t change anything in the past if it meant giving up the people that I love and the memories that I have, positive or negative.

So before 2016 truly starts, thank you (all of you, including you Internet people) for everything 🙂


Christmas 2015


happy birthday, alan cumming | 25 for theo

There have been multiple people who’ve recognized Theo, just because of the silly photos on my Instagram. Because of THIS:

It’s really only a thing though because Theo let’s us make it a thing. We love it.

Theo, although introduced as our resident “nice-guy” is also a fellow dreamer, a massively supportive friend, and is always ready to laugh with you.

The last year has brought Theo and me closer in friendship than I had anticipated. I currently can’t imagine not having him as a friend. It feels as if he’s been with us for much longer than 2 years. As a group, we’ve experienced a lot together, good and bad, but I don’t regret any of it.

I can always depend on Theo to help me through a rough patch by either him making a ridiculous face, or by being endlessly supportive. We can talk odd dreams or crazy futures. We can enjoy U2 together and Hozier. He’s a compassionate being (lol) when it comes to food. With Theo, I know I’ll have a good time, regardless of what we’re doing.

It’s clear that I’m not the only one who experiences this – I’ve seen photos of him with his other friends and there’s never a person around him that isn’t having a good time.

About 2 weeks ago Sergio moved to Rohnert Park and we had our first little dinner gathering at his house. Sergio, Theo and I made mac ‘n’ cheese and watched Ghost Protocol and it felt like one of those eternal experiences that can happen over and over but never get tiring. It was simple but comforting and was a pretty perfect sunday night family dinner (except that Kate was at work). It was another reason why Theo passed the front porch test. He completed our little family and I’d never want another person in his place. It felt like he had always been around for dinner and had always been a part of our group.

I could go on for a while about how nice he is and how amazing of a friend he is, but it wouldn’t be anything but a list you guys haven’t read before. I just wanted to let him know that he’s irreplaceable, and nothing goes unnoticed 🙂 I hope you have the best birthday ever, Theo! Don’t ever leave us.

Happy Birthday, buddy. Go watch Good Will Hunting.


happiest vacation on earth | day 4


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So the next day (second to last of these posts! which i WILL complete before i go on vacation again. on friday. lol) of this vacation recap isssssssss San Diego!

We left Anaheim pretty early in the morning and drove down to San Diego on a rather nice coastal drive. I hadn’t driven on that coast in a long time so it was really nice to re-experience it. Random fact: gas is real expensive in San Clemente.

Since we Groupon-ed a hotel again, we decided it really didn’t matter where we got our hotel and so we picked the Best Western about a 5 minute drive away from Sea World. The drive wasn’t super far so we were able to get to San Diego by around 11:30am, checked-in, got all our stuff in the room and drove over to Sea World.

Now, I don’t think I’ve been to Sea World, or remembered going to Sea World, so I was honestly pretty excited for it. I know it’s got a fairly poor reputation for how it treats it’s animals but the little kid in me was excited for you know… being in the splash zone during a show.

Honestly, my favorite part of the park was the front entrance and the way they decorated the park. Which is kind of sad. But it was a pretty well decorated park. Their landscaping was beautiful. At the front of the park there were those little dead skin eating fish and a ton of interactive/learning pools for kids. That was neat.

Slowly but surely though, it was made pretty clear that Sea World was an aging attraction and was hit pretty hard by it’s negative publicity.

The first thing we did was eat lunch – we found a random cafe and had sandwiches. Then according to the map there was a show about to start so we piled into the giant line and sat down in the middle of the seats. Close enough to see the orca whales pretty well. The show was your standard “look at them jump! look!” it was as much as I had expected.

From there though it was just…. sad. We rode one of their water rides, which was pretty fun but like a B+ compared to the Grizzly River Run ride at Disneyland. Then we walked around: there were some indoor tanks which is something we can see in closer aquariums. Although they had turtles. There were little outdoor tidepools. We walked by a flamingo pond which didn’t smell all that great. There were seals and sea lions and dolphins which you could feed or watch instructors play with but the animals just expectantly sat there waiting for food rather than looking like they enjoyed living there. The indoor penguin exhibit could’ve been cool but the glass was dirty and it was hard to see. There was also another indoor shark exhibit where you could walk under the tank in one of those tunnels. That was cool. We totally skipped a different indoor exhibit because the line was super long. Basically we walked all around the park, had dippin’ dots, went on their big roller coaster at the end of the park and then decided we saw everything there was worth seeing. There was also this random indoor room with a beaver and some tree frogs.

Long story short: Sea World was a little sad. It was a quick enough trip that we were able to go back to the hotel and just rest a little since we were continuously going for about 4 days there.

That evening we drove around the city since we didn’t do much at Sea World. There was a really beautiful sunset that evening and we ended up at a seafood restaurant called Anthony’s Fish Grotto. It had a very 1950s family/traditional/everybody goes there feel to it. The seafood was pretty amazing though – my mom and I both jumped on the chance to get some good seafood since we were in San Diego. I basically got a big ole plate of fried seafood which is arguably the best fried food. My mom got scallops and they were amazing too. We were able to watch the sun go down since it was sitting right on the water. It was a nice way to end the day.

We headed back to the hotel and basically packed up since that was the end of the trip, aside from the drive home.

I’ll have the drive home photos up tomorrow 🙂


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happiest vacation on earth | day 3


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Remember that time I went to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Sea World with my mom last summer? Well, here’s the third day of that vacation. Because I still haven’t finished posting those photos. It’s 1000% for me to be able to track where I’ve been and what I’ve done and to remember experiences as fully as possible.

So here’s Day 3 of that adventure 🙂

We planned ahead of time to spend our third day in the L.A. area at Universal Studios. We purchased the SoCal City Pass which allowed you a 3-day Park Hopper ticket to Disneyland, a day at Universal Studios, and a day at Sea World in San Diego. Since we had driven down we figured we could just drive from our hotel in Anaheim back up to Universal Studios instead of stay a night in L.A. Originally we didn’t plan on using that third day at Disneyland but we ended up going back, just because we had time to. I’ll get to that later.

The drive was about an hour, with full L.A. traffic. It wasn’t an unpleasant drive or anything though so idk, not a big deal. We left in the morning at around 10 so we got to Universal at around 11.

You sort of don’t see anything form the freeway, aside from the hotels and parking garages and a few signs so it was sort of an anti-climactic drive. I will say that their parking situation is really organized though.

The first thing on our list was to eat and sort of map out the day. I didn’t know what rides were still there or not, so I sort of had the whole idea (and my mom did too) that we’d do the Water World show, the Jurassic Park ride, the E.T. ride, the Back Draft show, the Back To The Future ride and all of those classics because for us they were classics. Guess what? Of that list, only the Water World show and the Jurassic Park ride are still at Universal. It was sort of a bummer but it opened up the afternoon for us to sort of explore stuff and experience it regardless because we were there.

Universal is set up so similarly to Disneyland in that there are just different sections of the park that pertain to interests and/or themes. The entrance was all that glam sort of Hollywood thing with fake sets and a lot of stores and a fun reflection of that iconic Hollywood dream. Walking through the gate, there were immediately characters to meet with (Box Trolls was just about to come out in theaters so they were walking around). The last time I was at Universal I was like 7 so I had a few flashbacks of where we were but it was neat to experience that area again as an adult.


We ended up sort of browsing that first entrance level, since the park splits down into a few different sections via escalator, and eat in the fake Italy set at a little deli. The Water World show was about to begin in like 30 minutes so that was the first thing we decided to go down to.

I’m going to preface the rest of this post with, “It was really, really hot that day.”

Seriously though it was super hot. It was 11:30 and about 80 degrees with no wind. Which made it perfectly O.K. for us to go to the Water World Show.

Also we were both shocked that the Water World Show was still a thing. Like, as a movie it was really not all that successful when it came out and that was like 20 years ago. It’s a cool show though and definitely unique. It’s clear purpose though was that it’s a water show. Also the set is set up exactly as I remembered it when I was little.

We sat near the front over to the side. I forgot that the performers in that show take their jobs real serious. They own those characters. They heckle the crowd. They go full on and ask kids if they have gills. The whole shebang. It’s cute. And funny considering 95% of the people in attendance have no idea what movie the show they’re about to watch is based off of. Also it’s funny that yes, there are splash zone seats, but they mean basically nothing because the giant pool you sit in front of has jet skis going for the whole 20 mins you’re in there. Everybody gets wet. It was SO nice though because it was hot.

The show was actually exactly as I had remembered it. And honestly it was like my second favorite thing when I was little, after the Jurassic Park ride. It was definitely a nice nostalgic note to start on.

After the Water World show we figured since we were completely wet, and I mean completely sopping wet from head to toe, we’d just go to the Jurassic Park ride because “why not”.

The walk down is cool because you can see the rest of the park as well as the lots that had projects going on at the time. Like we saw CSI being filmed so that was cool. Also a genius part of Universal is that they have little misting areas so that kids stay cool. More parks should have that, especially when it’s that hot.

The walk down to the second level with the Jurassic Park ride was 10 minutes. By the time we walked down my clothes (I was wearing a Target sun dress) were completely dry (and wrinkle free!). I basically steam pressed the wrinkles out and dried off in 10 minutes. It was a little crazy.

The wait for the ride, since we wanted to sit together, was about 30 minutes which wasn’t that bad. And again, the ride was exactly as I had remembered it. Well for the most part. There were some automated dinos that didn’t squirt water anymore. But again, it was fun for my mom and I to do it again after so many years and basically have the exact same experience.

Also the Jurassic Park ride guarantees that every single person on the ride gets completely, sopping wet (again). We requested to sit in the front because we figured we’d only ride it once, but we saw some of the people who were sitting in the middle and back after we got off the ride and they were soaked head to toe as well. Fun times 🙂

After the ride we looked through the little souvenir shop because I wanted some sort of Jurassic Park souvenir. They didn’t have much so I bought a keychain. That’s the one thing about Universal – get better at your classic souvenirs. Maybe it’s gotten better with Jurassic World coming out but man, I wanted a Jurassic Park backpack (for convenience but also for funsies) and they didn’t have anything.

We stopped for Dip n’ Dots and dried off (more steam pressed and mega quickly drying clothes!) and then headed towards the Mummy Returns ride. That two had about a 25 min wait but it wasn’t too bad. Especially because a lot of it is inside. The ride had some glitches when we finally went in, so they offered to let us ride again with a secret password. It was an indoor roller coaster so really we were ok. It was sort of “meh” and well our hair was dry after that ride so we decided to move on.

The next thing we did was go to the Studio Tour. The line was 60 minutes and essentially only going to get longer from there. And it was actually a full 60 minute wait so we just bit the bullet and went down.

They did make the wait a little better by having it sort of constantly moving and having a lot of billboards and infographics to look at so that was a plus. The actual tour was also again nostalgically almost the same. They took us through the lot (past some of the CSI props which was cool). There were some things being filmed so we had to go around them. There’s this whole 3D King Kong thing you drive through which actually was very cool to see. And then you go through sets like the Desperate Housewives set, and you drive past cars that were used in different movies. The Jaws and Bates Motel sets are still there. The plane crash set is still fully intact. For tourists it’s absolutely one of the cooler things to see. It was for us sort of relaxing to sit for a solid 45 minutes.

Now here’s the thing – we walked around the rest of the park but nothing really appealed to us so we decided to go eat (it was around 3 by that time) and then settled on really that there was nothing else of interest. We’re not that into Minions and that section of the park was mostly a little kid water park sort of deal anyways so we just skipped it. We’re also not super Simpsons fans so we didn’t explore that whole set up that much either. It really left very little for us to do. So we ate, and decided to go on Jurassic Park one more time, only this time doing the single rider entry and again getting to sit in the front. Single Rider is like the best invention. There are people that inevitably don’t understand you sit where you sit and not with your friends. But for the people that get it, it’s the quickest line, and you almost always get to sit in front if you ask.

We got our final dino fix in and left to go back to Anaheim.

Since we had another day at Disney available, we utilized that third day to watch the fireworks. We saw a little bit of the fireworks the first night but from a distance and over to the side.

We actually figured out that we could drive to DownTown Disney, eat, get our parking validated for 6 hours, and take the monorail into Tomorrowland. That’s what we figured out was the best way to go if we go again soon (which guess what, we’re going again in August!). We ate at the Napoli to-go section which was ok. Not the best food but the quickest option for parking validation.

We got dropped off straight next to Tomorrowland and walked around to figure out what to do. We didn’t need to go back to California Adventure because we’d done everything the day before in that section. We, however, didn’t get to do It’s A Small World, and we had time to spare, and the line was short, so we got to fit that in as well. It was totally different from when I last saw it. It’s very glittery now. Way less creepy 😀

We got out of It’s A Small World and walked straight to main street and found a spot for the fireworks right in front of the castle. It was essentially all good timing that day because we got in everything we didn’t have time for the other two days or just missed. It felt like a good end to Disneyland, especially because we were leaving in the morning for San Diego.

Was Universal everything I wanted? Not 100%, but I still got in the 2 things I was looking most forward to, and then it made room for us to fully use our Disney passes, so it ended up all being for the better.

It certainly helped me decide to go back again this August 🙂 Disney is a fun and almost guaranteed successful vacation. Close enough and easy enough where if things get lost, or forgotten, they’re replaceable, but also you see something new almost every time you go. I’m pretty excited to go back down.

Here are the photos from the day!


Entrance to Universal Studios, Hollywood

IMG_6285 IMG_1083 IMG_1084 IMG_1085

Part of the regional settings they’ve painted in


Box Trolls!


Marilyn drove by while we waited in line for Water World


Water World set

IMG_1090 IMG_1094

One of the Water World actors

IMG_6288 IMG_1098

Part of the view from the escalators leading to the second section


mid-level photo ops



IMG_6290 IMG_1108


Isla Nublar decor


Dippin’ Dots!


Outside of the Mummy Returns ride


CSI props!

IMG_1156 IMG_1162 IMG_1168 IMG_1169 IMG_1170

On the way out of Universal. 


Sunset at Downtown Disney


IMG_6331 IMG_6337 IMG_6342 IMG_6366 IMG_6367 IMG_6376

no rest for the wicked


Summer solstice is here 😀 

More daylight = less time I have to be inside and idk, pretend to sleep?

I still don’t sleep. I’ve read a lot of books (wayyyyy past that book project I started). I’ve watched a lot of Netflix. I’ve played a lot of Pokemon. Idk. I’m so used to 3 hours of sleep that it doesn’t feel weird anymore. For the most part. Some days I hit a wall. But usually there are other reasons behind it.

Father’s Day is tomorrow and I honestly forgot. Because I don’t need to remember a specific day for my dad. Everyday is still Father’s Day. Everyday still hurts a little. 

This year has been different though. It’s been so much less tense. In short, I’m just so much happier. And I say that a lot on this blog, and then have some sort of bad day and mental collapse, but honestly. I really am happier. And it’s easier for me to be happy for other people. A year ago, if my two best friends at work had quit? I probably would’ve walked away within a month of them leaving. Victoria recently retired and Rachael found another job. And I’m ok. I’m actually great. It’s different at work but it’s honestly not terrible.

And a year ago, I had this whole other issue with what was Mr. Thoughtful and well, it’s weird to think that’s what I was doing a year ago. It seems like so long ago. And I regret nothing. I’m just glad I’m here, now, and not repeating that mistake. 

A year from now I can only hope I have the same feeling. That I regret nothing. 

I have a lot to be thankful for that happened in this past year. I’m proud to have shared it with the people I love most. I get to watch the most beautiful kids grow up and learn something new everyday. I have people I can turn to and know, no matter what, they’ll help me in every possible way they can. I graduated college. I cried in another Pixar movie. I cried during a new Jurassic Park movie. I cried during the fireworks at Disneyland. I got to see Kacey Musgraves perform live. I got to memorialize my dad in almost the most “me” way possible. 

I let go of a lot of hate for things and agreed to be happy. 

It sucks to be lied to, constantly. It sucks to be taken for granted, constantly. It sucks to be treated as a disposable figure, constantly. It sucks that some people don’t even realize they do that to you. And a year ago those things piled up for a while and it really sucked. But I’m over it. They can keep doing it. Because it sort of doesn’t bother me anymore. They know that I don’t care about it. So who really ends up winning? (I do). It sounds mean but I can go on living knowing I’m happier than they are. 

And I can go on living, knowing that eventually they’ll come back around and figure out what they need. Everybody deserves another chance. 

The rest of 2015 has a lot of potential. My brother is getting married (!) on Monday. I’m turning 25. I’m going to Disneyland twice again. I’ll be seeing Hozier in October. And then the 1975 (even though I’m not super into them) in December. In between there may be another concert (should a friend come through for me) and there’s thanksgiving and Christmas after. I have a lot of happiness coming. And they can’t bring me down. 

This year’s Father’s Day post is dramatically different, and for the better. My dad taught us to love and live fully (and so did the Beatles). I love him and I miss him and I’m going to live fully for him every damn day if it’s the last thing I do. 

Mend your own fences and own your own crazy. 

Happy Father’s Day, dad. 

I’m thankful for everything and more that he did for me. And I’m thankful for Kate, and Sergio, and Theo, and Rachael, and Victoria, and Andrew and everybody else. They keep me going. 

So let’s get going, 2015. We still have half the year to celebrate 🙂 

Chapter 2 | Happy Birthday Gus Gus!


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Snergio and Princess take the beach.

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Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love. – Morihei Ueshiba

Once upon a time there lived a princess. She wasn’t the best, nor was she the worst. She lived happily, but not necessarily ever after. Her little kingdom was beautiful, and peaceful, and gracious, and everything she would’ve ever needed, she thought. Until one day, well one day it just was no longer a fairytale.

It turns out, that really nothing was as it seemed. Quickly she learned that not everything would come to her the way that she wanted, as it once did. She realized the magic was lost. Not gone, but lost.

What she didn’t realize though was that she could get it all back, with a little help from her friends: ResilienceLaughter, and Loyalty. Sprinkle in a little bit of courage and kindness and the sun could shine once more. 

Chapter 2 – Loyalty

If you couldn’t guess, Resilience was Chapter 1. Kate’s the foundation that needed to be laid in order for this all to work for me. I needed those lessons and her friendship to figure this all out.

However, Chapter 2 is just as important.

Remember that time I told you that Sergio took me to Best Buy in the middle of the night so I could return a TV that he had already helped me with previously? Well, turns out he’s still doing that. Figuratively. He figuratively always forgoes his comfy pants in order to make sure I’m ok. Or he lets me freak out to him, while he’s in his figurative comfy pants and well, he lets me emotionally and physically run amok of situations. He’s talked me off of quite a few edges and he doesn’t even know.

Admittedly (because I wrote about this before) I treat myself like a princess (positively and negatively) and Sergio takes it like a champ. I’m fairly high maintenance and he doesn’t complain. It’s an outstanding blessing for a person to have a loyal best friend like Sergio. I look up to him often (because he’s taller than me LOL #sergioistallerthantheo). I know how tough it is to get to know me and accept what I have to offer and how often I’ll figuratively kick and scream and have a fit should things not go my way. But I look up to him because he’s the definition of “ride or die.” Seatbelt on, goals in mind, ready to take on the world with me.

Today is Sergio’s 25th birthday – the second of us to reach his “half-centurion” (seriously though, Charley’s Brother, I’m never letting that phrase go). For what he’s accomplished as a man, I’m very proud of. I’m incredibly proud to call him my best friend and I’m even prouder to know that I can tell people that he’ll be my best friend as long as I ask him to be.

I wrote that there is nothing in the world I’d trade Kate for, and the same goes for Sergio. As a best friend he is irreplaceable and I hope he knows that.

So, thank you Sergio. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being a good neighbor, and being on my side (I don’t think Geico has a slogan but if they do you’d be that too). Thank you for being taller than Theo. Thank you for being funny (you too Theo). Thank you for not abandoning me at my craziest, most demanding, and worst moments.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

Still never going to the Bayou.

I hope the next 25 years are a breeze, if only for a few minor complications caused by yours truly (because we know it’s going to happen).

I wouldn’t be who I am without you as a friend. Every princess needs her little helper mouse.

Gus Gus Snerge-A-Lerge, Happy Birthday.

where do we go from here?


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 He who loves, flies, runs, and rejoices; he is free and nothing holds him back. – Henri Matisse

I submitted my final assignment for SFSU 37 minutes ago. And for a good 30 seconds I was a little scared to do it. Like… this is the end. This is the last assignment. I’ve never previously re-read an essay more times than I had today. Because it mattered. Because if it wasn’t good I wouldn’t graduate. I mean I would, but you know what I mean. It was scary.

But it’s now submitted and now I’m done and I just… now what do I do lol. I know what I’m going to do actually. I’m going into Early Childhood Education and I’m actually very excited for it. I’m excited for those classes because I really do want to do it.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to do the whole “Pomp & Circumstance” thing at AT&T park and the whole graduation robe thing which I wasn’t planning on doing at all. But it’s at AT&T park so why not. 1000% tomorrow isn’t at all about me anyways; it’ll be about my brother and his girlfriend and my mom and our family friends. Which is typical and I’m not surprised or really annoyed by it at all. It’s how it goes. It’s just a strange thing to realize; I’m actually graduating tomorrow. I have nothing else I owe to SFSU. Everything is turned in. Everything is done 🙂

May has been a whirlwind. I don’t really know where it went because it literally feels like the first week of May still. I had a nightmare group project, plus two other group projects, and a few papers and suddenly it’s the third week of May.

It’s alllllll good from here though. Summer vacation! San Andreas! Entourage movie! Jurassic World! And all my little rose friends are blooming. It’s a happy time to be alive ❤

Anyways, I’m done with college. It’s officially summer vacation. Happy happy, joy joy.


like a good neighbor | happy birthday kate


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Day 364: Kate's birthday! #400happydays #project365

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“What we find in a soul mate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.”

– Robert Brault

It’s birthday season! Everybody has birthdays in late April through to May. Theo and I are the only ones in August. Of my friends, Kate starts off the birthdays.

Kate is my person. She’s my hetero-lifemate. She’s my platonic soulmate. I would say we’re “ride or die” but we’re too neurotic for that – we’d absolutely ask each other to do stuff together, but there will always be a “but can we just go to target?” and we’d have to take a whole lot of bathroom breaks and all that. She’s my best friend. I run as much through her as I can, and it’s only limited to the fact that I generally will just make my own decisions before telling anybody (something Sergio happens to hate).

I’ve told you all our story. I’ve told you all how she’s cemented into my life. I’ve told you all why she, and our little group, is so important to me. So let’s just celebrate her today 🙂

It’s her 25th birthday! To steal a term from Charley’s brither, it’s her “quarter-centurion.” 25 years is a lot. I freaked out a bit back about turning 25, but Kate seems to be handling it ok.

Over the past year a lot has happened. A lot of tragic things. A lot of hurt. But there’s also been a lot of highs. A lot of happiness. It’s been quite the roller coaster. The best thing anybody can do in that situation is keep trucking on – and it’s been tough, but she’s pushing. She’s started to grow and it’s amazing to watch, and I’m proud of her.

There’s a lot I couldn’t do without her. It’s the best reminder to have courage knowing that she’ll be there for support. At one point we agreed to run with it, and it’s been an interesting, scary, and fun adventure, but only because I know she’s there.

I always count my stars knowing that she’s my person. She’s a positive light, and other people feel it too. I’m more than fortunate to have the people I have in my life. They keep me grounded and help me focus and understand my boundaries and keep me safe.

There’s not a thing in the world I would ever trade our lives together for, and there’s not a single thing I wouldn’t do for her (unless there’s some sort of world catasphrophe, then we all know it’s everybody for themselves…;)).

Happy Brithday, Kate 🙂 here’s to another 25 years.